6 Natural Wonders In Canada You Will Not Believe Really Exist

Dinosaur Bones to Waterfalls…take this incredible journey of Canada’s Natural Wonders with us!

Being the second-largest country, Canada spans across 9.98 million square km and comprises of 6 time zones. Hard to believe, isn’t it? The land of the ‘Maple Leaf’ is huge, and  the raw beauty of its natural wonders adds to its mesmerising charm. Have a look! 

6. Walk on the ocean’s floor at Hopewell Rocks
5. For an arctic adventure destination visit Baffin Island
4. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Moraine Lake
3. Be amazed by the magical creation of nature at the Dinosaur Provincial Park

2. Get blown away by thundering Niagara Falls
1. The ghostly glow of the Northern Lights are hypnotic at Yellowknife

So, how many have you been to? Till we meet again, happy travels!