Switch Off The Work Mode

“Sometimes you need to be alone in order to reflect life. Take time out to take care of yourself. You deserve it!” – Robert Tew.

There comes a point in life when ‘Me time’ becomes bookish and you are just overworked. You might travel but hardly get time to enjoy yourself.  But what if we give you some ways to make your business trip feel like a vacation? How, you ask? Well, read on to know how you can maximize your leisure time and actually seize the day. Thank us later!


Plan a Work Trip that Includes a Weekend

Yes, isn’t this a brilliant idea? Planning your work trip that includes a weekend. You can do so much when you have two days just to yourself. So relax and unwind till you get back to your routine life.


Pack Your Bags Smartly

Use some travel hacks for business travel and make sure that you pack your bag in a smart way. Carry your swimming goggles or sneakers along and whenever entitled to a chance, go for a swim or trek through an unknown city. If you are a health freak, carry your exercise kit along for a super fun yet healthy time.


Try to Utilise Most Out of Your Airport Time

The most boring part about travelling is sitting at the airport for hours. So, make the most out of this time by reading your favorite book or by pampering yourself by taking a spa at the the airport. Also, if you can have a little bit of work done over the phone, you can save some time to just relax.


Rise Early

Schedule your meetings for later than 10 am, so that you can have a delightful breakfast, go for early morning walks to explore the place and just be with yourself. Take maximum advantage of that extra time before you start slogging.


Gorge on Some Local Cuisines

What is the best thing when you travel to a new place? The food, my friend. Gulp down whatever comes your way and relish the moment of being on a vacation while on a business trip.

Note: Research in advance about the best places to eat and the local cuisine before your start your journey.


Rent a Car to Check Out the Places

Try taking out a few hours after your meetings to explore the destination. Take a tour bus or rent a car and set on a journey all by yourself. Travelling alone will make you connect with your inner thoughts, so that you can look at life from a different point of view all over again.


These ways to make your business trip feel like a vacation will surely maximize your leisure time in a good way. Other than these, there are some more points to keep in mind for making your work trip feel like a relaxing getaway. Read on:

Take a bubble bath inside your hotel room for a relaxing time.

Put your phone down and limit your internet usage. Remember, you are actually on a holiday!

Love dancing? Go to the nearest pub after a meeting to de-stress yourself.


Book your hotel room with a view.

If you really don’t want your ‘Me time’, then take your family along on your work trip to have a small family vacation.

And last but not the least, try to extend your work trip! You never know, your boss might actually say a ‘yes’ to your thought.


Hopefully, the above ways to make your business trip feel like a vacation will work for you, giving away a  relaxing getaway. Happy travels!