8 Refreshing Drinks Below INR 30 To Keep You Hydrated This Summer!

Imagine it is a sweltering summer afternoon and you are outside, on the road. The sun is right over your head and you feel that you are going to die of a heat stroke. The only thing that can give you happiness at that moment is a refreshing drink to quench your thirst and boost your energy levels.



Check out this list of refreshing drinks that will help you beat the heat –


Loved by the locals, Banta tops the list of the most eKarol Bagh – one of the shopping hubs in Delhi is one of the best places to have it. 

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Ice tea

Those who love tea, Ice Tea is a sheer delight in summers. It comes in many flavours like lemon, raspberry, lime and peach. Add some ice cubes to this cold tea and gulp it down.

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Masala Chaas

My personal favorite, Masala Chaas is among the tastiest summer drinks. Those keeping a check on their weight can savour this delicious drink carefree without adding sugar to it.

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Jal Jeera

Made up of water, jeera and a lot of spices, Jal Jeera is a perfect thirst quencher. Those who don’t have a sweet tooth, this is a must-have drink. Also, it is so economical, you can have as many as you want.

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Counted among the most favourite drinks of the country, Lassi is a superhit in summers.  This slushie with a thick layer of cream floating on the top is so filling that you skip a whole meal after having this drink. You can enjoy the best of lassis while shopping in Amritsar .

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Mango Shake

The only thing which we all love about summers is the arrival of Mangoes. Out on a hot summer day and you get a glass of Mango Shake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it, what else can you ask for!!giphy (3)

Ganne ka juice

Watching the gannewala paas the gannas through those rollers and giving us a glass of fresh juice is something all of us love. Also, a pinch of salt, mint and lemon adds to the flavour of the drink.

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Coconut water

Want to get beautiful hair and skin? Then you must drink coconut water everyday — my mom always told me. Other than refuelling your body with lost energy, the taste of the drink is also unparalleled. It is also known as elaneer in most cities of South India.


So keep calm and stay hydrated!!