9 Foreign Trips You Can Take Instead Of Buying An iPhone X

Starting at 89000, the launch of the latest iPhone X has created waves in the market – not just for the features, but also for the insane price attached to it. Thinking of buying it? Take 5 minutes. Here’s where you can travel to with the money instead.

1. Turkey

Famous for the beauty of Istanbul, Turkey is everything you’d ever imagine it to be.

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Round trip fare from New Delhi: 26250
Balance left to explore: 62750
Things to do: Visit the beautiful mosques, thermal spa terraces, sandy beaches

2. Egypt

The wondrous pyramids in Egypt make the destination a must-visit for all.


Round trip fare from New Delhi: 20100
Balance left to explore: 68900
Things to do: Sand boarding, visit the pyramids of Giza, check out ancient ruins

3. Hong Kong

Kids, adults or anywhere in between, Hong Kong is perfect for everyone.


Round trip fare from New Delhi: 20200
Balance left to explore: 68800
Things to do: Disneyland, cable car tour, Tian Tan Buddha statue

4. Singapore

A place that’s bursting with the number of things you can do, Singapore will amaze you.


Round trip fare from New Delhi: 14300
Balance left to explore: 74700
Things to do: Night safari at Singapore zoo, dinner at Clarke Quay, entertainment at Universal Studios

5. Lebanon

One of the most ancient countries in the world, Lebanon is quite a destination for travellers.


Round trip fare from New Delhi: 22000
Balance left to explore: 67000
Things to do: Visit World Heritage sites, hop on a cable car, check out preserved mummies

6. Greece

A country so picturesque that it’ll take your breath away – say hello to Greece.


Round trip fare from New Delhi: 31500
Balance left to explore: 57500
Things to do: Visit the ancient site of Acropolis, climb Mt.Olympus, laze at Myrtos Beach

7. Jordan

Dead Sea or not, Jordan is stunning and should be on your travel list.


Round Trip fare from New Delhi: 22200
Balance left to explore: 66800
Things to do: Check out the royal tombs, Petra World Heritage site, float in the Dead Sea

8. Paris

Cobbled streets, beautiful architecture and the magnificent Eiffel Tower, Paris will make you fall in love.


Round trip from New Delhi: 26200
Balance left to explore: ₹62800
Things to do: Watch the sunrise at the Eiffel Tower, explore the Louvre, enjoy at Disneyland Paris

9. Kenya

Synonymous with safari, the wildlife and the natural green cover in Kenya never ceases to amaze.


Round trip fare from New Delhi: ₹30000
Balance left to explore: ₹59000
Things to do: Tour Nairobi National Park, meet endangered black rhinos, breathe in the sight of Mt.Kilimanjaro

They say, nothing is more rewarding than travel. Give yourself the gift of exploring these extraordinary destinations across the world and immerse yourself in the local culture and heritage. Trust us, you’ll not regret it.