It’s Time to Chill: Top 26 Travel Destinations to Beat the Heat

Summer is officially here! It’s time to escape to the hills, camp by the blue waters and cherish the rains.

Well, to help you find the best places to visit this season, read below and plan NOW!

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1. Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir

With pleasant days, clear and blue skies, it is the perfect season to visit Ladakh. Explore the various stupas and monasteries and don’t forget to check out the celebrated thangka paintings.

Weather Report: Pleasant mornings, chilly nights (Max. 21°C; Min: 7°C)
Travel Tip: Collect special permits from the local Ladakh authorities to visit the inner line region.

2. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Visit the picturesque Valley of Flowers National Park and experience its wild untamed blooms encircled by white peaks.

Weather Report: The temperature remains moderate to cool (Max. 19°C; Min: 2°C)
Travel Tip: Keep an eye out for golden lilies, Asiatic black deer, red fox and the blue sheep.

3. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

A popular paragliding hub in India, Bir is an eminent center for meditation, ecotourism and spiritual studies. Visit this place and explore the various monasteries, Tibetan food and shopping.

Weather Report: Cool evening air and warm afternoons (Max. 25°C; Min: 11°C)
Travel Tip: Participate in paragliding competitions that take place during the summer months.

4. Munnar, Kerala

June to September marks the monsoon season in Munnar. This is a great time to visit the hill station if you want a quiet vacation with monsoon air and greenery.

Weather Report: Cordial days, pleasant evenings (Max. 30°C; Min: 19°C)
Travel Tip: Consider driving through the sensational views of the lush green tea plantations and Munnar Valley.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Home to one of the most diverse floral kingdoms in the world, known as the Cape Floral Kingdom, Cape Town is a paradise for nature lovers.

Weather Report: Sunny days, occasional breezes & low humidity (Max.26°C; Min.18°C)
Travel Tip: Other than exploring the city, you can check out places like Cape Winelands, Simon’s Town to witness Boulders Beach penguin colony, enjoy a drive along the scenic Chapman’s Peak, etc.

6. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

A refreshing escape from the heat, Ooty is a must-visit if you love lush scenery, need some relaxed time and want to explore nature.

Weather Report: Mild and pleasant climate with sporadic rainfall (Max.25°C; Min.15°C)
Travel Tip: Visit less crowded spots like Emerald Lake, that offers a quiet, surreal environment with stunning natural beauty.

7. Tromsø, Norway

Enjoy a unique Arctic experience, featuring the enchanting phenomenon of the Midnight Sun, where the sun never sets between 20 May and 22 July. WOWWWW!

Weather Report: Mild and sometimes wet climate, with constant daylight (Max.16°C; Min.5°C)
Travel Tip: Pack layers and waterproof clothing, as the weather here can be unpredictable.

8. Shillong, Meghalaya

With the arrival of the monsoon, Shillong, often referred to as the “Scotland of the East,” comes alive in the summer.

Weather Report: Summers in Shillong are cool and wet with heavy and frequent rainfall (Max.25°C; Min.15°C)
Travel Tip: If you are planning to visit around the end of June, attend Behdienkhlam Festival featuring ceremonial dances, rhythmic drumming, and a unique game similar to hockey.

9. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Famous for its sprawling hillside coffee plantations, Yercuad nestled in the Eastern Ghats offering lush greenery with picturesque walks and tours.

Weather Report: Moderate weather with pleasant evenings (Max.30°C; Min.16°C)
Travel Tip: If you wish to visit this place, consider planning around the 47th Summer Festival and Flower Show which will begin on May 21 till 28, 2024.

10. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar, known for offering spectacular views of the sunrise and the misty hills, is a haven for people looking for cool climate, lush forests, and abundant greenery.

Weather Report: Experience occasional pre-monsoon showers with relatively cool weather as compared to other regions (Max.35°C; Min.15°C)
Travel Tip: Visiting during the summer season is the perfect time to visit farms and pick some fresh strawberries. Yumm!

11. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington famously known as the “windy city,” is the cool capital of New Zealand that perfectly blends its vibrant cultural and stunning natural landscapes.

Weather Report: Temperate maritime climate with mild temperatures year-round (Max.16°C; Min.8°C)
Travel Tip: Don’t miss out on the vibrant culinary scene and eclectic arts culture at the charming laneways of Cuba Street.

12. Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Beautifully named as ‘Meadows of Flowers’, Gulmarg presents itself as a blooming paradise in the summer months with flowers like bluebells and daisies.

Weather Report: Pleasant, cozy and ideal for outdoor activities (Max.29°C; Min.13°C)
Travel Tip: The Gulmarg Gondola cable-car ride is the second-highest Gondola in the world and you must experience this.

Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand

Nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti is a serene hill station that offers views of snow-capped peaks and dense forests.

Weather Report: Pleasant mornings and chilly evenings (Max.30°C; Min.10°C)
Travel Tip: Exploring the Eco Park, Surkanda Devi Temple, and embarking on nature walks are must-do activities.

14.  Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang, nestled in the picturesque Himalayas, is famed for its stunning monasteries and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Weather Report: Mild and pleasant weather with chilly evenings (Max.25°C; Min.10°C)
Travel Tip: It’s advisable to acclimatize gradually to the high altitude to prevent altitude sickness.

15. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

A charming hill retreat with tranquil lakes, lush greenery and mist-covered mountains, Kodaikanal is a travellers’ paradise.

Weather Report: The days are sunny with breezy evenings (Max.30°C; Min.20°C)
Travel Tip: Don’t forget to witness the beauty of Kodaikanal lake which is  manmade and covers around 60 acres. 

16. Bergen, Norway

This coastal city is surrounded by majestic fjords and colourful wooden houses, offering a blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Weather Report: Mild temperatures with longer daylight hours (Max.20°C; Min.12°C)
Travel Tip: The Bergen International Festival will happen between 22 May 2024 – 5 June 2024. So, if you are planning a summer break, plan to attend this if you love music and art.

17. Faroe Islands, Denmark

Steep cliffs, rugged coastline, and grassy slopes dotted with sheep, that’s Faroe Islands for you- straight out of a drawing book.

Weather Report: In the summer, this place experiences cool and temperate weather (Max.15°C; Min.8°C)
Travel Tip: No point on any of the Faroe islands is more than three miles from the ocean. So, be ready for the constant sounds of waves, scent of salt air and just mesmerizing beauty.

18. Queenstown, New Zealand

Admired for its extraordinary scenery, snow capped mountains, and fascinating adventures, Queenstown is all about the outdoors.

Weather Report: Fresh mornings, short days & blue skies (Max.12°C; Min.2°C)

Travel Tip: Queenstown’s weather can be quite unpredictable. You can witness all the seasons in a day. So pack accordingly and check the forecast beforehand.

19. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Set in Tamil Nadu, Coonoor is a quaint hill station and a hidden hamlet offering enchanting views of the Nilgiri hills.

Weather Report: Pleasant weather with misty views (Max.19°C; Min.13°C)
Travel Tip: Lamb’s Rock, named in honour of Captain Lamb, boasts of breathtaking vistas of the Coimbatore plains, tea estates, and verdant forests. Do include this in your itinerary!

20. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Crowned by the Kanchenjunga range, the black tea capital of India, Darjeeling is popular for its stretching tea plantations and the Gothic architecture.

Weather Report: Enjoys mild and pleasant weather throughout the day (Max.25°C; Min.12°C)
Travel Tip: Early mornings offer the clearest views of the Himalayas, so consider waking up early to catch the sunrise over the majestic peaks.

21. Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is a vibrant city surrounded by breathtaking Arctic landscapes, where colourful houses dot the rugged coastline, offering a unique blend of Inuit culture and modern living.

Weather Report: Experiences cool temperatures, with long daylight hours (Max.15°C; Min.5°C)
Travel Tip: Opt for a guided tour to learn about the region’s indigenous culture and wildlife while exploring its stunning fjords and glaciers safely.

22. Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli, nestled in the majestic Himalayas of Uttarakhand, India, is renowned for its pristine slopes and panoramic views, making it a popular destination for skiing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Weather Report: Pleasant weather, offering ideal conditions for trekking and exploring (Max.20°C; Min.10°C)
Travel Tip: Visit the Auli artificial lake and the nearby Joshimath town for a glimpse into the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

23. Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

Pahalgam, nestled in the Kashmir Valley of Jammu and Kashmir, India, is a picturesque hill station known for its verdant meadows, pristine rivers, and stunning views of the Himalayas.

Weather Report: Mild and pleasant weather, ideal for escaping the summer heat (Max.25°C; Min.10°C)
Travel Tip: Visit Pampore for Saffron, Sangam for cricket bat making and Apple Valley for its numerous apple orchards.

24. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, is renowned for its cool climate, serene lakes, and lush greenery, offering a refreshing retreat from the desert heat.

Weather Report: Mild sunny afternoons with breezy evenings (Max.32°C; Min.19°C)
Travel Tip: Don’t miss out on attractions like Nakki Lake, Guru Shikhar, and Dilwara Jain Temples.

25. Chail, Himachal Pradesh

Chail, nestled in the lush greenery of Himachal Pradesh, is a serene hill station known for its tranquil ambiance and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Weather Report: Weather remains enjoyable throughout the year but summer months are ideal for a vacation (Max.28°C; Min.14°C)
Travel Tip: Take leisurely walks amidst pine and deodar forests to enjoy the serenity of this hill station.

26. Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Nestled among undulating hills at an altitude of 1829 meters, Ranikhet offers an idyllic sanctuary for those in search of tranquility and revitalization. Often hailed as the hidden gem of the Kumaon Region, Ranikhet stands as an ideal retreat for tourists seeking complete rejuvenation in Uttarakhand.

Weather Report: The days are generally warm and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing, while the evenings tend to be cooler (Max.25°C; Min.15°C)
Travel Tip: Nowhere does the sunrise and sunset appear more captivating than in Sitlakhet, located just a short distance from the town of Ranikhet.

Happy Travels!