Amazing October! Must-visit Fall Destinations around the World

There is something about that pre-winter weather; Autumn’s crisp air and orange foliage inspire travellers to embrace the outdoors. Cool fall weather makes just the perfect time to take a hike or a road trip to admire the bright and beautiful foliage. The European and American landscape, with its picturesque historic towns and rolling hills, wraps itself in a blanket of red and yellow leaves.

So what are you waiting for? Set out to enjoy the best of a happy fall season in one of the below-listed destinations.


New York City, USA

There’s nowhere in the world that speaks of autumnal beauty like the pastoral bliss in Central Park. Make sure to head to the sprawling meadow by Belvedere Castle, all covered with red leaves of the black tupelo trees and to explore the lovely stretch of the High Line in downtown New York.


Bavaria, Germany

Witness Europe’s most spectacular scenery in Southern Germany, specifically Bavaria. With endless Alpine forests bursting with crimson and tangerine hues against the?, autumn is the season of wine festivals, Oktoberfest, and other outdoor activities like hiking in the Alps or enjoying a romantic ride on horse-drawn carriages. There are many historic castles and palaces such as Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, Nuremberg Castle and the Burghausen Castle to discover in this area.


Bruges, Belgium

The mesmerizing city of Bruges becomes all the more pristine and picturesque with crimson and golden vines blanketing its bridges and buildings with rich autumn hues. The colours reflected in the canals create an amorous scene. Make sure to experience some of the city’s open-air markets that last for about two months starting October.


Nashville, USA

‘Music City’, as Nashville is popularly known as, lives up to its nickname in fall, when it hosts the Independent Music Festival and the Americana Festival. These parties are big and cheery and reflect the city’s love affair with southern, farm-to-table cuisine. The most important thing that happens every October here is, that the almost 20-year-old Southern Festival of Books makes a comeback.


So, where are you heading to?