Attention Passengers! 5 Things You Should Never Do at The Airport

We know, airports can be quite stressful and especially if you are travelling alone or for the first time. With advice from everyone around, you might just land up more confused and anxious. Thoughts like ‘what if baggage handlers misplace my luggage’ or ‘what if they open up my bag at security’, or ‘what if i won’t be able to reach the boarding gate on time’, etc. are very common. Apart from what to do at airports, the main concern should be ‘what not to do at the airport’. To keep your journey smooth and relaxed, we have a list of things that you should at the airport. Read on..


Do NOT Get Drunk (not even tipsy)

Okay, let’s keep our holiday spirit on hold and exercise self-control in the alcohol department till you arrive at the desired destination. Your holiday mood might tempt you into gulping down a few shots but being aware is much more crucial. A clear head to deal with last minute gate changes or announcements about flight delays is more important than a dizzy airport ride.


Do Not Snore Away to Glory

Yes, the early morning flight or that midnight flight is making you really tired. You are in a constant fight with your brain who says stay awake and your heart who just needs one floating nap. But do whatever, do not let the heart win. Stay awake, else you might just miss that flight!


Don’t Leave your Baggage Unheeded

One of the most ignorant thing you can do at an airport is, leave your baggage unattended. This thing is not only an inconvenience for you but for other passengers as well. Your neglected suitcase might become a worry for the authorities (explosion threat) or you might end up finding something illegal in your carry bag, (slipped in by a stranger) landing you up in jail.


Watch your Language, Mister!

Travel world today is already under various threats like hijacks, bombs, explosion, terrorism, etc. In such a scenario, it is very important to choose our words wisely at airports. Whether you are standing at the check-in counter or at the screening area, DO NOT use words like ‘blow up’, ‘hijack’, ‘bomb’, etc. This will not only cost you a visit to the security office, but might also land you in jail.


Don’t Lose your Cool!

There are number of instances at an airport where the chances of losing your temper is inevitable. But failing to keep up with your social decency while dealing with the airport staff or giving them a hard time is not acceptable. Flight delays, overpriced snack food, long queues at security check, are definitely annoying, but it is not their fault. So being aggressive with the staff should never be a part of your journey. Avoid it!


We hope, this list will help you out during your time at the airport and if you have been doing any of these things, let’s skip it the next time! Happy Flying!