Treetop walkways, a Museum of Illusions: Have you heard of these tourist places yet?

Tired of the usual tourist circuits?

Us too. 

As India dives into travel revival mode, we’ve been scanning the horizon to find innovative spots to add some spice to your getaways. These new and upcoming locations will be great for locals to explore, but can also feature on itineraries for trips to popular cities. 

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Check out our list, and tell us if we missed anything exciting! 

Museum of Illusions, Delhi 


A clever room of mirrors at the Museum. Credit:

Kaleidoscopic mirrors, walking through a vortex, serving your own head on a platter—a lot of surprises are in store at the Museum of Illusions! The global brand, known for its mind-bending optical tricks, opened its newest location in Delhi this year. With fascinating exhibit rooms and tons of photo opportunities, it has gained cult status as the place to go for a wacky weekend experience. Tickets can be booked on

Malabar Hill Forest Trails, Mumbai

Artist's impression of the upcoming walkway. Credit: IMK Architects

Artist’s impression of the upcoming walkway. Credit: IMK Architects

A 705-metre long treetop walkway is set to become the star of Mumbai’s Malabar Hills by the end of 2021. Surrounded by tree canopies and birdsong, the elevated forest trail will allow visitors to soak in the local ecosystem and enjoy uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea. 

Blurbs with details of nearby flora and fauna will add to the experience, and the project will apparently be built without felling a single tree. Sounds like a green dream! 

Zen Garden, Ahmedabad 

A taste of Buddhist philosophy. Credit: @narendramodi on Twitter

A taste of Buddhist philosophy. Credit: @narendramodi on Twitter

PM Modi on Sunday inaugurated a stunning new Japanese Zen Garden in the campus of the Ahmedabad Management Association. The complex is a beautiful showcase of Japanese art, philosophy and architecture, and will make for a tranquil and educational visit once open to the public.

Backwater ‘duck buses’, Kerala

A duck bus in Rotterdam’s Nieuwe Maas River

A duck bus in Rotterdam’s Nieuwe Maas River

Kerala’s first amphibious bus service, where the vehicle can switch between cruising on land and water, is readying to make a splash in the state’s backwaters. A major crowd-puller in western countries, these ‘duck buses’ will first link Kochi, Kollam and Thalassery, according to media reports, and will be a boon for travellers who want a quick heritage tour of Kochi. 

Adventure hub at Morni Hills, Panchkula

Paragliding is one of the sports on offer at Morni Hills.

Paragliding is one of the sports on offer at Morni Hills

Haryana’s Morni Hills is transforming into an adventure sports haven for visitors from Delhi and Chandigarh. Parasailing, paramotor gliding and a few other thrilling activities have been started in the area. 

A water jet scooter, on which the CM himself took a ride, has also been introduced on the scenic Tikkar Taal lake. Haryana Tourism will be adding more air, land and water sports facilities in the Hills, thus removing the need for tourists to travel to places like Manali or Bir Billing for a shot of adventure. Rock climbing, zip lining, bungee jumping, hot air balloons, kayaking—it’s all in the works! 

We advise all travellers to check their destination’s COVID-19 guidelines before making any bookings. Have a safe journey!