Places Where You Will Travel In 2023 According To Your Zodiac Sign

Are you ready to plan all your trips in 2023? Before you begin, check out what your stars have to say about your travel plans in this New Year! 

We bring to you travel predictions based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries love to travel, and especially enjoy solo journeys. 2023 will bring plenty of travel for this zodiac sign including some long journeys too. September will be the month of travel for Aries born.

Ladaksh 1

September is a good time to visit Ladakh, Spiti Valley and both of these places will excite the Aries traveller.  For an international holiday in September, a wildlife safari in South Africa is where you should head!


2023 has plenty of travel for the chilled out Taurus. In fact, it starts in the very first month of the year – January. Moreover,  several short trips will continue throughout the year.


Confused about where to be in January? It is the best month to travel pretty much anywhere in India. Goa, Coorg, Zanskar valley, Kaziranga are some options for a domestic trip. If you are planning a foreign vacation, Spain and Malta are warm and sunny in the winter months. 


For the Gemini, travel is about discovering new cultures and traditions. The good news is that 2023 will meet your expectations in terms of travel. January – August are the months of travel opportunities for you!


For the inquisitive Gemini,  Andaman and Nicobar islands, Tawang, and Kutch are some of the places that can be visited in the New Year. If you wish to travel abroad, a road trip in New Zealand is great from January to April. Post that, the picturesque countryside of Scotland is an exciting destination to visit.  


For the Cancer zodiac sign, travel is immensely important. The exciting thing is that 2023 will bring lots of it, both within and outside the country. February, June, July and August will have diverse travel opportunities.


For selective Cancerians, Japan is an interesting overseas destination to explore a different and unique culture. On the other hand, a trip to Gokarna is highly recommended for the introverted Cancerian. Simply sit back on the beach and enjoy a good read. 


People in Leo zodiac are happy travellers!  Leo sign likes high energy, fun, food, and dancing. Interestingly, 2023 could be the year of some of the best travel experiences you will possibly ever make.


Since, we are looking at trips of a lifetime for people that fall under the Leo Zodiac, a trip to Switzerland is ideal for the larger-than-life Leo personality. If you are keen to travel within India, head to the backwaters of Kerala to devour delicious seafood and soak pleasant views.


Virgos like a well-planned trip. The year 2023 brings exactly that for the detail-oriented Virgo traveller – lots of work-related travel and family vacations too.


Are you planning an unconventional trip? Go to Varanasi and soak in some spiritual and intellectually stimulating vibe. If you wish to go international, then the art and culture of Jordan is undoubtedly a unique experience.


Travel is extremely personal and nostalgic for Librans. In 2023, you are likely to make long leisurely vacations involving both fun and adventure. A romantic trip is on the cards too.


Keeping that in mind, we would suggest Goa for that pending long vacation, a place that has something for everyone! If planning a leisure trip abroad, head to the happy vibe city of Hawaii and make the most of your beach vacation. Not to forget, a romantic trip to Paris is always perfect! 


Scorpios love a relaxing vacation and spending quality time with family.  Scorpio will have different kinds of travel opportunities in the year 2023: family vacations, work trips and romantic ones too!


The beaches of Andamans are perfect for a relaxing vacation in 2023. Its pristine water and unlimited greenery will not disappoint at all. If planning a trip abroad, visit Cambodia or Sri Lanka to be laid back and completely disconnect from the world.  


Sagittarius loves to travel and is happiest taking impromptu trips. In 2023, Sagittarius will see numerous travel opportunities throughout the year.


Planning a trip within India? Visit Meghalaya, an abode of clouds that remains vastly unexplored. If you are planning an international trip, Vietnam will satisfy the impromptu traveller in you with delicious meals, hikes and more.  


Capricorn are travellers by nature! They make well-planned trips and love adding an element of surprise. 2023 brings favourable travel for Capricorn especially in the months of February and September.


Make a trip to Kashmir to enjoy the unlimited scenic beauty.  If you wish to go foreign, Portugal has a lot to offer from great buildings and food to mesmerizing views of the old town.


Aquarius thrives on wanderlust. For them, travel is discovering places, making memories and lots of learning. For this sign, April, August, and October are the most favourable for travel in 2023. 


To satisfy the Aquarian learner, Jordan is the ultimate destination. Surrounded by the dead sea, loaded with history and splendid architecture, Jordan is where the Aquarian traveller will come alive.  In India, a similar experience will be at the temples and structures in Khajuraho.


Pisces are not keen travellers. However, they enjoy rejuvenating themselves. 2023 brings a lot of short-distance travel for Pisces. Naturally inclined to water bodies, the Pisces sign loves coastal areas.


Are you planning a coastal holiday? Santorini in Greece has extraordinary views, incredible seafood, and picture-perfect views. In India, the idyllic and pristine waters of Gokarna are ideal for a vacation. 
Are you inspired to plan all those trips then? Happy travelling in 2023!