Vande Bharat Phase 5: Air India Announces Flights to These Countries, Opens Bookings

The Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) has proven to be a welcome move to bring stranded Indians back home from all over the world. Now, national carrier Air India has announced that phase 5 of the international flight repatriation mission will be beginning from August 1. 

As per official sources, India will be connecting with the US, Canada, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Singapore, UK, Frankfurt, Paris, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, New Zealand, Philippines and more countries under VBM Phase 5.

How to book tickets?

Air India has already opened flight bookings for the USA and UK from today, July 28. If you are planning to travel, here’s how to book your flight tickets at great prices within seconds:

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Air India UK Flight Schedule:

Check out the flight schedule for Air India flights connecting various Indian cities to London under the VBM phase 5:

  • Delhi-London: 4-27 August, every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • London-Delhi/Bengaluru: 4-27 August, every Tuesday.
  • London-Delhi/Amritsar: 4-27 August, every Thursday.
  • Mumbai-London-Mumbai/Kochi: 1-29 August, every Saturday. 

Air India USA Flight Schedule:

Air India has also announced the flight schedule for connecting all major Indian cities to various destinations in the US:

  • Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Delhi-New York-Delhi-Ahmedabad-Mumbai: 29 July-30 August, thrice a week.
  • Mumbai-Newark-Mumbai: 28 July-29 August, thrice a week.
  • Chennai-Hyderabad-Delhi-Chicago-Delhi-Hyderabad-Chennai: 28 July-29 August, thrice a week.
  • Bengaluru-Kochi-Delhi-San Francisco-Delhi-Kochi-Bengaluru: 29 July-30 August, thrice a week.
  • Delhi-Washington DC-Delhi: 29 July-30 August, thrice a week.

It is expected that flight connections to other destinations will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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