This pop-up restaurant on Everest requires an eight-day climb. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Conquering Mount Everest is on the bucket list of many avid adventurers in the world but not everybody achieves this wisdom. Taking away the spotlight from the climbers, a pop-up restaurant on Mount Everest is all set to break world records. A group of chefs is planning to serve a seven-course meal at a base camp, which is 17,600 feet above sea level.  

The project is named as Triyagyoni in which four reputed chefs and ten diners will carry out an eight-day trek to Mount Everest. The trek will start in Lukla, Nepal at the end of May, 2018. Sanjay Thakur, one of the chefs, in his recent interview said, “The biggest challenge of course will be the altitude, which will affect everything.”

Those who are not much into trekking but are willing to experience this, there are helicopter rides available as well. The whole trip costs around $4,138 including flights, accommodation and meals.