Know All about ixigo Smart Web Check-In

The web check-in process just got easier… and smarter!

Ever browsed an airline’s website to find out information about the web check-in rules? Scrambling to understand when the option opens, what information to input and which seats incur what costs: we’ve all been there. It can be tedious and confusing, right? 

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ixigo is here to put an end to all this and brings you an all new feature that will let you focus entirely on the joys of travelling: ixigo Smart Web Check-In. 

What is ixigo Smart Web Check-In? 

Even though web check-in has made our lives easier, it’s still quite a hassle to figure out when the option opens and what details we need to submit. The fact that each airline’s rules are different certainly makes the process more taxing. 

This is where ixigo Smart Web Check-In comes into the picture and allows you to travel worry-free. Its automated algorithm lets the customer sit back and takes care of everything else with just one tap. 

How does ixigo Smart Web Check-In help you? 

Here are the benefits of ixigo Smart Web Check-In:

  • It allows you to schedule the web check-in: This means that you don’t have to worry about when the check-in window will open. All you need to do is tap on “Schedule” and ixigo’s Smart Web Check-In will automatically take care of the rest.
  • It completes the formalities in advance: The part where the passenger is required to submit the mandatory passenger information and tick off all the T&Cs and health declarations can be done right after booking the ticket. 
  • You can receive the Boarding Pass on WhatsApp: Once you opt for the Smart Web Check-In and submit the necessary information, you’ll receive the boarding pass via WhatsApp when ixigo completes the process. Smart, isn’t it?
  • No need to print your Boarding Pass: ixigo’s Smart Web Check-In also lets you travel paperless. Once you receive your Boarding Pass on WhatsApp, you’ll see that it has a scannable QR code. All you need to do at the airport gate is scan this code and go to the boarding gate!
  • You can switch back to Manual Web Check-In: In case your plans or the passenger details change before the check-in window opens, you can also switch to the “Manual web check-in” option that can be found right below.

Below are some pictures for understanding ixigo’s Smart Web Check-In better:

Whatever your preferences may be, ixigo Smart Web Check-In will be at your service, and at your fingertips! 

We hope that ixigo Smart Web Check-In makes your next journey easier and more pleasant. Happy travelling!