The Food Battle: Delhi vs Mumbai

Keep calm and ommm…nomnom 😛

Delhi’s chaat vs Mumbai’s vada pav…a debate that has been going on since ages. One is India’s capital and the other is the commercial capital of the country. One is the heart of the nation while the other is its soul. But which city deserves the crown for the ‘Food Capital of India?’ Well, let’s find out…

Disclaimer: Liking or disliking a dish depends on one’s individual choice. Now let the battle begin!

1. Chole Bhature vs Vada Pav

> For Delhiites, chole bhature is the ultimate item to have on a cheat day. 

> For every Mumbaikar, vada pav is an instant energy booster.

2. Chaat vs Bhel Puri

> Delhi’s crunchy chaat papdi is something to die for!

> Munching on Mumbai’s bhel puri with a view of the beach is so enthralling!

3. Paranthas vs Ragda Patties

> Paranthas in Delhi are made of keema, chicken, palak, rabri, and so much more. Ufffff….Yummy.

> Tasty and filling, Mumbai’s ragda patties will kill you with its tongue-tickling flavours. 

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4. Ram Ladoo vs Kanda Poha

> Mitha? Naah, surprisingly ram ladoo is a savoury ladoo, served as a chaat. Woh!

> Kanda poha, a famous breakfast item is a hit among the Mumbaikars.

5. Butter Chicken vs Bheja Fry

> Butter chicken, this buttery name alone is enough to make you drool. 😉

> Bheja fry also known as brain’s masala is a famous side dish in Mumbai.

Are you hungry, already? Well, we are! Also, don’t forget to tell us which city won your heart :). Till we meet again, happy travels!