Bon Voyage! 11 Travel Hacks for Your Next Vacation..

Travelling doesn’t have to be that complicated after all. But sometimes even while you are on a vacation, you feel the need of another vacation to escape all the stress. To help you keep the tension away, we have listed down some tips and tricks which will make your International travel smooth and painless, saving your time, money and efforts.

Travel Hacks Before Leaving

1. Pack Smart: it is very important to pack your stuff in a shrewd yet stylish way. Before you start to pack, lay down a dryer sheet in your suitcase. This will keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space. Keep all your loose cables and chargers in any old sunglasses case to keep them intact at one place.

For more information on how to pack smartly, watch the video below:


2. Scan the Important Docs: it is very important to keep an offline record of all your important documents before you leave for the airport. Keep a scanned copy of your passport, itinerary, bookings and identity proof on your email. This hack will ensure you safety in case of any theft or mishap.

3. Wear a Jacket: always wear a jacket to the airport. By doing this, you can accelerate the security process by keeping your stuff in the pockets. Other than that, this hack will keep you comfortable and stress free by placing your belongings in a safe place.

4. Split the Cash: this is one of the most important travel hack that everyone should follow. Splitting your cash in different places like wallet, check in luggage, shoes, etc. is a great way of keeping it safe. Losing all your foreign currency on a vacation is not something that you would want! So, follow this hack!


Travel Hacks For Departing

5. Request for a “Fragile” sticker: even if there are no fragile objects in your check-in luggage, make sure you request the staff to put a fragile sticker on your luggage. Bags with this sticker are usually placed above all the other luggage and arrive first at the baggage claim conveyor belt.

6. Keep an empty water bottle: why spend money buying expensive water bottle at the airport? We know you are not allowed to carry water but you can always carry an empty water bottle and fill it once you are through the security.

7. Use the washroom: 20-25 mins before the flight lands, make sure that you use the washroom. Although the seat belt sign is turned on by this time but you still have 10-15 minutes of leeway before you actually have to be tied by the seat belts. So use this time and use the washroom to avoid long queues at the airport toilets.


Travel Hacks For Arrival

8. Go directly to the baggage claim: it is prodigious how people just hang back after landing. Save this loitering around for some other place and save yourself time by going directly to baggage claim.

9. Use ATM: instead of giving extra fees to the money converters at the airport, use the ATMs to get the local currency. Make sure your debit or credit card is equipped with International usage, so that you can withdraw money easily.

10. Use your phone without Internet: Usually after crossing international borders, one has to shell out a lot money for voice and data. If you do not want to do that, save local maps and use them offline. And whenever you get a chance to connect to internet at a local cafe or pub, do not miss out on it.

11. Eat local, save money: Leave McDonald’s and savour the local cuisine of that place. This will not only save you some bucks but will also endow you with a flavourful experience.


So, next time when you travel abroad, make sure you keep these travel hacks handy for a comfortable and wholesome vacation experience.