What is the Difference Between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal Tickets?

To know the differences, let us first know what Tatkal and Premium Tatkal mean.

What is Tatkal Ticket: Introduced in 1997, tatkal literally means ‘immediately’. It enables a passenger to book a ticket one day in advance of the actual date of journey.

What is Premium Tatkal: Introduced in the year 2014, Premium Tatkal works on dynamic pricing. This means passengers will be charged a higher price in case of increased demand and a lower price if the demand is less.

The difference between tatkal and premium tatkal tickets are as follows:


Premium Tatkal

Tatkal ticket charges are fixed 

Premium Tatkal tickets have dynamic fare pricing for classes

Agents can book tickets under this quota

Agents are not allowed to book tickets under this quota

RAC/ Waitlist ticket booking is allowed

Only confirmed ticket gets booked

Passengers are waitlisted

No waitlisting in Premium Tatkal

Tickets can be cancelled

Tickets cannot be cancelled

Preferential allowances are given to senior citizens and children

No preferential allowances are given to any passengers

Available at the counters and online platforms

Only available on online platforms