Top 5 Railway Updates of the Week

Here Are The Indian Railways Most Picturesque Stations; Check Out The Pictures!

Travelling in trains across the country is a truly special experience. And it gets even better when we see some of the railway stations across India. Read more

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Want to Get a Confirmed Train Ticket Booking? Check Out These 5 Hacks!

Did you know that there are certain tips and tricks you can try that will help you get a confirmed train ticket. Know all the details 

Karnataka Relaxes Travel Restrictions: No More Mandatory Quarantine, Registration

In a big move, the Karnataka government has relaxed the restrictions placed on the inter-state movement of travellers in the state. Read the whole news here

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Major Developments by Railways!

The lockdown period has been extremely productive for the Railways with numerous developments on the mark sheet. The Railways tried its best to improve passengers’ experience by making their services better. Know all about it…

Railways diverts several special trains, details here

Due to non-interlocking work in Prayagraj Junction-Phaphamau Junction section in Northern Railway jurisdiction, following trains will be temporarily affected. Read more