Breaking News! Bhutan imposes Rs.1200 daily fee on Indian tourists

Attention travellers! Entering Bhutan will no longer be free for Indian tourists. The Bhutanese government has levied a Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) of Rs.1200 per day for visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, starting July 2020.

Note: Currently, other foreign tourists pay approximately $250 (Rs.18,000 approx) per day per person which includes a $65 “Sustainable Development fee” and a $40 visa charge.

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Important Information: Children below 5 are exempted from the fee. However, those between six and 12 years will be charged Rs.600 per day.

Bhutan’s Tourism Council Director Dorji Dhradul said, “The levy of SDF to regional tourists will help in ensuring an exclusive experience to all tourists which is the intent of our tourism policy of high value, low volume (sic).”

Though the Himalayan kingdom is about to get heavier on the pocket, it is still worth it!

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