Breaking The Code Of A Biker Group

Biking is passion. Biking is thrilling. Biking is the zeal to unravel the obscure roads, without thinking about what’s coming next. A biker won’t care which road he’s travelling on because his journey is correspondingly attractive. However, a real biker would appreciate, respect and highly concur with the biking pedagogy.

Therefore, for the love of bikes, let us take you inside a biker’s heart and how these biker group operates. Your fellow bikers become your family once you leave for the local roads and enter the mystical mountain trails. Thus, these biker groups incorporate impeccable strategies to win the road. This is how they do it:

    1. Elementary strategies – Those who ride bike follow fundamental pedagogies to ensure smooth and agile rides. Biker groups have some astounding strategies to live on the roads– freely.
      Numbering– They number each other based on their positions, thence making it easy to connect and communicate within the group. Furthermore, the one who rides right in the front is called as the pilot rider. Pilot riders are there to guide everyone; they are the ones with most experience. Not to forget about the blinkers that stay with the last guy, used make their presence felt.
      Distance- They maintain certain specified distance between their bikes, to avoid any collision.


      Zigzag Pattern- With the speed and swift roads, there’s always a great risk of bumping into each other, which most riders fear. To avoid this, a zigzag pattern is optimised within the group, so as everyone’s movement is visible to group members and they also reduce the probability of bumping.Headlights during the daytime- As vapid as it may sound, but headlights during daytime help them to locate their team members, without having the trouble of espying them from a distance.

    2. En-route management – Being on the road is a great challenge; you can’t do without congenial backing. Bikers group take their security and safety very seriously and thence they act as a team. Many bikers group adopt various tactics to ensure that their team reaches safely and without any hassle. Therefore, assigning tasks to individuals seems like a great idea. Each member is responsible for something unique like– navigation, petrol pumps, accommodation, food, medical emergencies, availability of mechanics etc. That way, one person becomes the go to for such idiosyncratic requirements.



  1. Inside a biker’s bag- There are many things that one will find inside a biker’s bag. Starting from a bungee cord. torch, knife, camping equipment and matchbox, one will also find Bluetooth device or protection gears.



Other than the aforementioned, biking on the undistinguished trails demands you to be physically fit. For a motorcyclist, it is imperative to have an edge over endurance and so the exercise.

About the author:

Shewali loves to cook. She is mostly travelling; if not blabbering or gorging. That’s all folks!