Janmashtami Fervour: Celebrate your love for Govinda!!!


Hails of ‘Govinda aala re’, during the month of August or September, across every street and corner of the nation, calls for the joyous celebration of Janmashtami. This year, the festival, commemorating the birth of Lord Krishna, gets special at the most popular places to go for Janmashtami celebration.

1. Mathura-Vrindavan
Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, gleams with joy at the occasion of Janmashtami. The main celebration takes place at the actual place of birth which has now converted into a big temple known as the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple. Devotees keep a day-long fast and break it at midnight after Krishna is believed to be born. A pooja is performed at midnight and this is followed by other ceremonies. The idol of Lord Krishna is bathed with milk and curd and then rocked in a cradle.

Raasleela, a kind of dance drama is performed at various places in Mathura, both by professionals and amateurs. Jhankis (glimpses), cribs or scenes depicting the various stages of the life of Lord Krishna are a common sight during Janmashtami all over the city. Another important feature of celebrations in Mathura city are Jhulan Utsav. During the Jhulan Utsav, swings are put in the courtyards of temples and houses to welcome Lord Krishna’s birth.

Best way to go
There are direct train and buses from New Delhi to Mathura. You can also book a Delhi to Mathura cab for reaching this sacred city conveniently.

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Temples to visit
Banke Bihari Mandir, Dwarkadhish Temple, Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir

2. Mumbai

Visit Mumbai where it is fondly known as the Dahi Handi festival; the Janmashtami celebrations commands a great zeal all over the state. A clay pot or handi is filled to the brim with buttermilk and then covered and tied to a high point with the help of ropes at various event venues.

A human pyramid is then formed in order to attempt breaking the handi. When the handi breaks, the buttermilk is spilled over the entire group, symbolizing their achievement through unity.


These handis are set up around the city and groups of youngsters called Govinda Pathaks travel around in trucks trying to break as many handis as possible during the day. This often becomes a competition with different groups aiming at breaking the maximum number of handis. The kind of enthusiasm shown is truly infectious. You cannot help but become a part of the celebrations.

Best way to go
The best way to go from Delhi to Mumbai is by flight or train.

Temples to visit
ISKCON Temple complex in Juhu

3. Dwarka
The celebration of Janmashtami in the main Dwarkadhish Temple is very famous in India. The festival day begins with mangal aarti performed in the morning. The aarti begins with Banta Bhog offered to Lord Krishna, followed by a holy bath or abhishek, all of which the devotees are given a chance to see. After the bath, Lord Krishna is adorned with beautiful clothes and ornaments that include gold jewellery and other precious stones such as diamonds and topaz. The curtains are then removed and devotees are allowed to do the darshans of the Lord.

Visit Dwarka, because on the eve of Janmashtami devotees welcome the lord at midnight with immense enthusiasm and joy. After celebrations, the temple closes. The Bal Gopal idol is kept in a cradle in the temple premises for the darshan of the general public. You can make an advance booking in hotels in Dwarka prior to your arrival in this revered city of Gujarat.

Best way to go
As the road distance from Delhi to Dwarka is quite long, the only recommended option is train or flight. There is only one direct train from New Delhi to Dwarka, Uttaranchal Express. There is no direct connectivity of flight between New Delhi and Dwarka. You can take a flight from New Delhi to Ahmedabad and from there take the train from Ahmedabad to Dwarka.

Temples to visit
Dwarkadhish temple

4. Puri
In Odisha, people celebrate Janmashtami by fasting and performing puja at midnight. Purana Pravachana from Bhagavad Gita is recited. The next day is called Nanda Utsav or the joyous celebration of Nanda Maharaj (Lord Krishna). On this day, people break their fast and offer sweets to the lord during the early hours of morning or evening?

Children, dressed up as Krishna and Radha, perform Krishna Leela. In Puri, a special midnight prayer ceremony is held in the Jagannath Temple. The idol of the infant Krishna is set in a jhoola (cradle) decorated with flowers. Trains are the most popular means of transport to get into this city and the Puri trains during festive seasons are packed as people flock in from all over the country to view this picturesque sight. It is best to find yourself an accommodation in advance in hotels in Odisha as a large number of visitors arrive here during the festive seasons.

Best way to go
There are four trains from New Delhi to Puri. But, there is no direct flight between New Delhi and Puri. You can fly to Bhubaneshwar and from there book a cab from Bhubaneshwar to Puri.

Temples to visit
ISKCON Temple, Jagannath Temple

5. Udupi
Visit Udupi because the birth of Shri Krishna is celebrated in a very special way, with a hint of some regional flavour. On the day of Janmashtami, people fast until they see the moon in the night. The idol of Krishna is kept on a cradle and swung to and fro all day long. The locals cook many special dishes at home, especially kottige or gunda (idlis steamed in jackfruit leaves).

Also, the region sees various processions of a clay idol of the infant Krishna with street performers adding a folksy element to the procession. The idol is immersed in the Madhav Sarovar after the festivities come to an end. Fly to this city to witness the celebrations of Janmashtami in this city. Book a stay in hotels in Udupi to avoid last minute rush.

Best way to go
There is no direct flight connectivity between New Delhi and Udupi. You can flight from New Delhi to Mangalore, then can go from Mangalore to Udupi by cab. There are direct trains between New Delhi and Udupi.

Temples to visit
Sri Krishna Temple

Hails of “Govinda ala re”, making of “butter prasad”, the procession of Jhankis depicting the life of our notorious “Bal Gopal” and tradition of “matki phod” is all how Janmashtami is celebrated in every part of our country. But with the above popular places to go for Janmashtami celebration this year, you can be part of the Janmashtami revelry and get a lifetime experience.