Coronavirus Crisis: 8 precautions you should take while going out to get essentials

During lockdown, there are a number of things that can be avoided but getting essentials is not one of them.

Though it can be scary and tough to move out right now, here are 8 things you can do to stay safe:

1. Please don’t step out without wearing a mask and gloves.

2. If you don’t have gloves, keep sanitizing your hands after touching items.

3. If you have flu-like symptoms, do not step out of the house. 

4. Don’t spend too much time in any grocery shop or supermarket.

5. Plan your grocery shopping in advance to limit your visits to the store.

While paying at the stores, avoid cash payments. Use digital payments instead.

7. Before you touch the shopping cart, wipe it down with an antiseptic wipe. Stay at least 6 feet away from other shoppers.

8. Lastly, try visiting  the stores at less crowded times.

Please Note: As soon as you enter the house, wash your hands for 20 to 30 seconds. Also, don’t forget to change your clothes.