Visit 15 Tourist Spots In India And Tourism Ministry Will Pay For It

Exciting news for all those who love travelling! The Ministry of Tourism has stated that it will fund the travel expense of people who visit a minimum of 15 destinations in the country. 

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The campaign is called Dekho Mera Desh and is an attempt to boost tourism within the country.

To participate, people can take the Dekho Mera Desh pledge on the official website.

Participants have to vow to visit at least 15 destinations by 2022. However, there is a condition. Travellers have to visit places that are outside of their home state. Further, participants must upload their travel pictures on the website.

Prime Minister Modi has time and again urged citizens to travel within the country, and hence, this creative move to inspire citizens is hardly a surprise.

Further details of this fun campaign will unfold soon, nevertheless, free travel is always exciting.