Shocker! Visiting Taj Mahal Becomes Expensive For Indians

In the latest attempt to lower tourist numbers and reduce damage to the country’s top tourist site, the ticket price for visitors to the Taj Mahal has been raised.

Indian visitors will now have to pay Rs. 250 to see the main mausoleum while the ticket prices for international visitors will be Rs. 1300.

The visitors from SAARC countries will have to pay Rs. 740 instead of Rs. 540.


Indian visitors opting for a ticket worth Rs. 50 will not be allowed to enter the main mausoleum. However, they are allowed to move around the Taj.

The UNESCO world heritage site sees a huge footfall throughout the year. On weekends and holidays, the number of daily tourists reaches up to 70,000. The new ticketing system will help reduce the footfall on the main structure.