Check Out the Latest State-Wise Travel Rules!

With the newly issued Unlock 5 guidelines, several states have updated their travel and quarantine guidelines, with many states relaxing restrictions for travellers.

But wait, what about the quarantine requirements? Is an e-pass or online registration still required? What about a COVID-negative report? Do I need two brains to remember all this?

Well don’t you worry, dear traveller! We have done the homework and simplified the quarantine, e-pass AND registration guidelines of EVERY state, so that if you have the option, you can get two extra feet instead and travel more! 😉

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Here’s all you need to know about state-wise travel restrictions before you plan your next trip. Check out the ULTIMATE quarantine cheat sheet:







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Note: In addition to this, some states also allow international passengers to opt for only home quarantine for 14 days in special cases such as pregnancy, serious illness, death, etc. 

Apart from these quarantine requirements, many states also require travellers to download certain apps on their phones before travelling. Moreover, all the rules and regulations are subject to change. Tap here to check all this and get the registration and e-pass links for various states.

We hope that this simple guide will help you travel smoothly between states. Don’t forget to share these guidelines with your friends and family!

Till then, think safe travel, think ixigo!

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