7 Things you would not expect to happen while travelling abroad

When in a foreign land, it’s not uncommon, even for experienced travellers, to get lost; get one’s baggage stolen or even end up missing their flight because of the time difference. To avoid such happenings, all of us tend to do our bit of research before we head out to a new destination. Although the internet is vast and the knowledge in it is exhaustive, there are still some ‘in-the-moment’ things one may not expect to occur during their trip.

We’ve listed out 7 such things that could happen to you on your next trip abroad. Read on to find them!

1) Forgetting to carry plastic money

Have a habit of carrying foreign currency on your trips abroad? Don’t take the risk! Get yourself a Mastercard for all your travel needs. Globally accepted in over 200 countries, it’s your best shot for a stress-free, secure way to transact. With extra benefits like emergency travel assistance, card replacement and extended warranties, never let your travel expenses get ahead of you.

2) Lack of research

Probably, the gravest mistake you could make on a trip abroad is to not do enough research about the place. Always make a note of all the important locations, spots and events the country has to offer. You don’t want to travel miles away from home only to miss the most happening event there.

3) Burglary is common

There’s a simple rule about money when you’re abroad: If you’ve got it, don’t flaunt it! What’s even better? Travel with Mastercard! With 40 million merchants around the world, it’ll be just like your personal bank, wherever, whenever!

4) Forgetting to track expiration dates

Out of country and out of funds sounds like a disastrous combination, doesn’t it? Apart from tracking your expenses (which a Mastercard would help you with), don’t forget to track your card’s expiration date as well when you’re travelling overseas.

5) Stuck in a country with no passport/visa

In case you lose your baggage in a foreign land, make sure that you intimate the local police immediately. To relieve yourself from the stress of having no identification abroad, like your passport, itinerary and travel insurance, always store an electronic version of the same with yourself and the family.

6) Not drafting your credit card plan

This is a common mistake that travellers make when travelling abroad. When carrying a card that is accepted worldwide becomes a must, Mastercard is your only saviour. With cards like this one, there’s an added benefit of a hassle-free experience in converting rupee to local currency at the destination. For extra security, always use a card that has a microchip embedded into it.

7) Your bank not being notified about your travel plans

Although some banks may tell you it’s no longer necessary to notify them of your travel plans, make it a habit to do so. If your bank tracks an unusual location for your card, it won’t be long before they flag it, thinking that it’s stolen. Mastercard can be your ultimate alternative to this problem with their unmatched security services valid all around the globe.

While benefits of travelling aren’t that hard to find, finding exclusive deals on flights, hotels, restaurants and shopping expenses can be quite a feat.

With these tips in mind and a Mastercard in hand, no matter where you’re jetting to around the world, peace of mind is guaranteed!

Happy travels!