Railways is Providing Packed Food in 79 Special Trains, See the List Here

In order to minimize the risk to travellers, the Indian Railways has made a variety of changes in the catering services provided in the special trains. 

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For special trains that have pantry car coaches, cooked food will not be provided. However, passengers in some special trains will be provided with packed food and ready-to-eat items on payment basis.

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Along with this, packaged drinking water, tea and coffee will also be available for purchase on these limited special trains.

Click here to see the full list of all special trains that will be providing packaged food and beverages to passengers

For special trains that do not have pantry car coaches, no food will be provided in the trains. Passengers will have to make their own arrangements for food and water while travelling in such trains.

Click here to see the list of trains that will not be providing food and beverages to passengers

The Railways is operating 230 special trains for passengers in the country along with Shramik special trains.

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