Delhi to Mumbai in Just 10 Hours; Know About the 100-day Plan

According to a proposal document, Indian Railways has set a target to increase the speed of trains from 130 kmph to 160 kmph on two specific routes.

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They aim to decrease the travel time between the busy Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai route to five hours. The total project cost is estimated to be about Rs.14,000 crore.


It is one of the 11 proposals prepared by the railways in its 100-day plan. There are instructions to implement them by August 31st 2019.

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Presently, the fastest train on Delhi-Howrah route takes approximately 17 hours to complete the journey while the fastest train on the Delhi-Mumbai route takes 15.5 hours. The proposal is to reduce the travel time to 12 hours and 10 hours respectively.

As per the report, “Other 100-day proposals include: Wi-Fi at all 6,485 railway stations including 4,882 balance station in the next 100 days, approval for elimination of 2,568 level crossings on golden quadrilateral diagonals with assured 100 per cent funding of Rs 50,000 crore from the government, an advanced signalling system, redevelopment of 50 railways stations in 100 days and restructuring of railway board and technological revamp.”