Mountain person or a beach lover? Choose for yourself!

Travelling entitles you to the idea of exploring different facets of nature. For some people, the idea of a perfect vacation starts and ends with the vistas of the mountains and serenity.  While there are others who cannot do without the beaches and sea waves.

Do you know whether you are a mountain lover or a sea lover? Let’s help you discover what kind of a traveller you are, so that you can plan your vacation accordingly.


Mountain Climbing or Scuba Diving

Surfing, jet skiing, swimming, sailing, volleyball, etc. are some of the activities you can enjoy at the beaches. Mountains challenge your stamina and give you opportunities to indulge in activities like mountain biking, paragliding, trekking, and camping.  


A mountain view from the window or a sea-facing room

Do you love gazing out at the emerald green water of the sea or is it the panorama of the mountains that attracts you more?  Mountains are a remote escape from modernity, nature’s very own cape, where you can soak up the warming sunrise and spend some lone time. On the other hand, beaches let you  have fun, socialize, and enjoy some pampering.


Cozy Jackets or Sizzling Swimwear

It is a pertinent question for every traveller, will you prefer wearing cozy jackets and those cute woollen caps on your vacation or is the sizzling beach wear your type of attire?


A beautiful wooden cottage or a 5-star property

People who go for beach vacation usually prefer to stay at plush properties with all the high-end facilities like swimming pools, bars and recreational areas. In contrast, those who admire the mountains will love to choose the home stays and wooden cottages as accommodation options.


Mountain Food or Seafood

What would you prefer — Sitting in a cozy wooden cafe and relishing hot maggi or lazing around the sun-kissed beach, savouring delicious seafood?


Colourful flip flops or trekking shoes

Do you like to roam around the beach in those colourful flip flops or would love to wear your shoes to climb up the hills with ease?


Old Monk or Chilled Beer

Will you prefer having Old Monk with your best friend on a cold winter night or relish a chilled beer on the beach while partying with your bunch of buddies?


Wild Animals or Wild Parties

Mountains are more about natural beauty, wildlife, and serenity while beaches on the other hand endow you with some of the most rocking parties.



There is a large probability that the people who enjoy the serenity of mountains may not enjoy the joyful beaches. Or the one who loves to play with the waves may end up getting bored visiting the mountains. Beauty of these landscapes is breathtaking and it’s good to admire both. As a traveller, you can always strike a balance between what appeals to you and what remains unexplored.

Whether you are a mountain lover or a beach person, plan a trip to your favourite destination now as the festival season is around the corner, bringing along a lot of travel opportunities.

Que lo pases bien.