5 Signs You are Effectively Stopping the Coronavirus from Spreading

The number of coronavirus cases in India is on a sharp rise. Coupled with the lockdown, this news understandably has led to a general feeling of fear and uncertainty in the country.

However, the deadly virus can be stopped from spreading with some basic tips and precautions.

Here are the 5 signs that show you’re doing your part in stopping the virus from spreading:

1. You wash your hands with soap and water every chance you get.


You also turn off the tap while doing so, because wasting water is so not cool!

2. You sneeze and cough ONLY into your handkerchief, disposable tissue or your flexed elbow.


Then you wash your elbow. And your hands. Goodbye, sneaky germs!

3. You haven’t touched your face in so long you can’t even remember.


You know it’s a small price to pay for keeping your loved ones and yourself safe!

4. You’re staying at home and learning to make the most of it.


Cooking, painting, dancing, cleaning…who knew you had so many talents? 

5. You love your friends and family so much you can’t stop seeing them…virtually!


You see them all the time now, even more than before!

If you have already been following these signs, then take a bow! We can truly beat the virus if all of us follow these simple steps. Share this story with your loved ones and keep them safe!