7 Fascinating Facts We Bet You Did Not Know About Flying

Have you ever wondered why does plane food taste so bland or why are we not supposed to use toilets during take-off and landing or why are we asked to put our phones on airplane mode before taking off? Well, these are just a few questions about the bizarre regulations one needs to follow and we are sure there are number of other things that cross your mind while in the air. The world of commercial aviation is an elaborate and baffling place and there are many odd things about flying that most passengers are unaware of.


Here is an explanation of 9 intriguing things that you may have wanted to know but just never asked. Add these things to your knowledge hamper and impress everyone around you like a boss ;).

Why Airplane Toilets have Ashtrays? No. You Cannot Smoke!

Inflight smoking was fully banned in 2000 but the airplane toilets still have an ashtray because of a simple logic, ‘some passengers just do not follow the rules’. So if any of such passengers try and break the rule and light up a cigarette and put ashes in the trash, the paper made trash could easily start a fire putting everyone’s life at risk.


Why do they dim the lights when the plane is landing?

Imagine being in a bright room filled with number of hurdles and suddenly the lights are turned off and you are asked to exit immediately. Putting people in similar circumstances, wherein landing goes badly and passengers need to evacuate, dimming the lights would help their eyes adjust to the darkness and they can easily see their way out.

Why does airline food taste so crummy?

Have you ever thought of complaining about the tasteless food they serve on the plane? We are sure this thing must have crossed your mind at least once. But in reality, the airlines are actually not at fault. Our taste buds gets confused while up in the air and the cabin pressure reduces our taste by up to 30 percent. This is the reason why our food tastes so bland! Well, that’s amusing!


Why can we not use toilets while takeoff and landing?

If in any given case, accidents occur while takeoff or landing, there are no seat belts in the toilet to protect you. Also, it is a small enclosed space which can easily get you blocked giving no means to escape.

What will happen if the aircraft is hit by lightning?

Interestingly, aircrafts are built to withstand lightning strikes and you are well protected by the metal of the plane. Also, they are constructed to avert electrical build up and shield against power outpours. So, you are fully safe if the aircraft is struck by lightning.

Airplane getting ready to land in the midst of a lightening storm. Shot with a Canon 20D.

Why plane windows have small holes in them?

Airplane windows are constructed with three panes- inner, middle and outer. Most of the pressure is taken by middle and outer pane and the hole in the middle pane helps in reducing the pressure so that outer one takes the strain inch by inch.

Why do you have to switch your phone to airplane mode?

It is all for your safety! Interference from our mobile signals can cause hindrance with the radios, creating a confusion between the pilot and air control room. So guys, obey the rules!


We hope these interesting facts have enlightened the curious you and answered most of your questions! Fly safe, Happy travelling!