Travelling to Europe? Get Ready to Pay More for Schengen Visa

A trip to Europe will cost more from February 2, 2020, as the Schengen visa fees is going to increase from the current €60 to €80. The fee for children, which is currently €35, will also be increased to €40. However, children below 6 years will not be charged.

The much sought-after visa is required for travelling across Europe in 26 countries including Switzerland, Denmark, France, Spain, Greece, Austria, and Germany. The application period for the visa is also going to be increased from 3 months to 6 months before your trip begins.

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The fee hike is applicable to travellers from India and all other countries except the ones with a visa facilitation agreement. It is being undertaken to provide better services to the applicants as well as to improve the security of the application process.

This is the first time that the fee has been increased since 2006.

*As of January 26 2020, €1 is approximately ₹79.