Cuteness Overload! Get Ready for a Panda-Inspired Journey

Do cute videos and pictures of pandas on social media always excite you? Do these lovable little balls of fur make you happy and thrilled?

If yes, then it’s time to take your love for pandas to new heights…quite literally!

To provide a complete panda-inspired journey to flyers, China’s Sichuan Airlines offers the ‘Panda Route’ between Beijing and Chengdu with Panda themed planes. What..wait..really? Woo-hoo!


What’s in Store?

To begin with, passengers will check in and drop their luggage at a ‘panda’ airport counter.

On their way to the airport gate, travellers can drop in at a panda-themed lounge. This awe-inspiring place is complete with panda-shaped cushions with airline workers dressed in full-body panda suits. Oh my WOW!


All Aboard!

Airbus A350, colourfully decorated with 8 panda cartoons will welcome you with air hostesses donning panda aprons, serving Sichuan delicacies designed to look like the black & white bears. This sounds too good to be true!


We know you can’t keep calm! So don’t wait up, take your obsession with pandas forward and book a flight to Beijing right away.

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