Delhi Airport to Take These Measures for Passenger Safety After Lockdown

Delhi Airport has released an extensive list of guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for passengers and airport staff, in anticipation of flight services resuming after the lockdown.

The airport plans to operate commercial passenger flights initially from Terminal 3. Moreover, the airport plans to allocate entry gates, check-in bays and self check-in machines to airlines to avoid overcrowding.

The airport also plans to use ‘ultraviolet disinfection tunnels’ for all incoming baggage and keep all dining and retail shops open in order to avoid overcrowding at one place.

While passengers of domestic airlines will be allowed to enter the airport via entry gates 1-5, passengers of international airlines will enter the airport using gates 6,7 and 8. The airport also plans to promote digital payments at various outlets and usage of self-ordering kiosks at the food court.

However, the final guidelines and approval is awaited from the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

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