Did You Know You Can Travel To These Destinations Without Any Visa Worries

India ranks 84th in the global passport strength, according to the recent Henly Passport Index. This year, it’s ranking has fallen by four spots, it was 80 in 2019. 

Yet, surprisingly, there are over 50 countries that now offer either a free visa or a visa-on-arrival to Indian passport holders. Not only that, many countries offer an E-visa to Indians, making the visa application process much more comfortable.

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There are several unexplored destinations where Indians do not require a visa at all! Yes, globetrotting just became easier!
Below is the complete list of visa-free countries for Indians.

visa free

Visa-on-arrival lets you obtain a visa on landing at a particular destination instead of applying for the same beforehand. Following are the countries where Indians can get a visa-on-arrival.

visa on arrival

Thanks to technology, applying for an E-visa is super convenient! The process is completely online, where you can submit the documents and make the payment, and once approved, the E-visa is delivered to your email. 

Here is a list of countries where Indians can apply for an E-visa. 



P.S. you can save these images and pick a destination for your next trip.  All you need to do is pack your bags and head to one of these unique destinations.