Horoscope & Travel Signs – Featuring Aquarius!

With a passion for music and an explorer’s curiosity, the Aquarians are a dreamy lot with an eye that scours for architecture wherever they go. Most likely to order the weirdest dish on the menu and wear the quirkiest piece of junk jewellery, they love to experiment and indulge! Here’s a list of destinations that an Aquarian must visit.

ixigo Travel Destinations For Aquarians: Bangalore (street fashion and food), Kolkata (for the foodies), Rome (architecture), Andaman (adventure sports and serene beauty), Paris (fashion and food) and Vienna.

Topping The Aquarian Bucket List Vienna.

It’s like a BOOM for an explorer. Like finding a secret music book, full of notes and melodies. Like a dream full of palaces with primed courtyards, like the ones in fairy tales. Except these are real palaces. Really magnificent ones. It’s a story of a city with a river and vineyards, the fresh countryside air and dancing horses. With intervals for street side shopping and a quick indulgent bite of pastries and more. Yet, there are chances you’d be surprised with what you will find on your trip to Vienna. Especially if you are an Aquarian.

When the Old and Classic narrates his story to the Young and Contemporary, the skies stand still, quietly watching the grand rendezvous.

Vienna is like a classic painting touched up by contemporary artists.
Model: Hundertwasserhaus, new age architecture piece.

Divine! The grand buildings – huge domes, colourful frescoes, tons of sculptures and paintings make Vienna look like a distant cousin of the Roman buildings.

Here, statues and fountains have been used to act out scenes from epics, mythology and sometimes history.

Snug cafes, comfy coffee houses that serve croissants, apple filled pastries, traditional cream loaded espresso, affogato (a coffee based beverage), Danish pastries, apricot jam filled desserts……sniff the air for directions.

Then, take a chair, sit down there.

Studly stallions in Vienna! These Lipizzan breed horses display styled moves and jumps at the Spanish Riding School.

Just a trailer of what you’ll see at the museums.

A gorgeous countryside lined with cathedrals, palaces, treks, cliffs and…… take a tour on River Danube and find out.

Travel Sign – Pisces coming soon!