Ditch The Party, Welcome 2017 With A Wanderlust!

December is what Friday feels like at the end of the week. The year is drawing in for a closure and everyone is excited about the new year approaching. Also, everyone wants to end the year not with a fizzle, but with a bang. But why always celebrate your new year partying in a club full of people when you can chill under the stars out in open, in the wilderness and serenity?

If you have had enough of the monotonous new year celebrations, this year, travel to the places far and beyond. Kickstart your new year in the peace and lull of nature. Probably thinking where you should go? Here are some offbeat places in India to celebrate your new year:

Hideout in Askot, Uttrakhand

A majestic destination enveloped by the Kumaon Himalayas, Askot is where you should spend your new year. Located on a ridge between Pithoragarh (54 km) and Dharchula, Askot was once a home to 80 forts and it shares its border with Nepal and China. Askot Wildlife Sanctuary is carpeted with the spectacular Rhododendrons and the verdant forests. Travel to the farthest corner in Uttarakhand away from all the humdrums of city life and give a peaceful beginning to your new year.

Picture by Shraddha Singh Bhati‎

Run to Rann of Kutch

If dancing and boozing in pubs on new year nights is not your thing, then you should run to Rann of Kutch and party among the folk dancers and singers. The scene at Rann is absolutely awesome. Let the white, sandy desert be your dance floor and the starry sky a roof above you. Imagine days that come alive with the folks, who come adorned in colourful turbans and lehnga cholis, painting their own rainbows in an otherwise arid land. Isn’t this how your new year celebration should be?

Picture by Gujarat Tourism

Bounce at Agatti Beach, Lakshadweep

If remoteness is what you are looking for this new year, then celebrate your new years at Agatti Islands. As they say, big things come in small packets. This island stretches only for 7 km but there is so much you can do in its crystal clear waters– snorkelling and scuba diving Deep Sea Fishing, sailing, glass bottom boat rides, water skiing, and kayaking. The island is connected by air with Cochin and Bangalore. Note: Guests can enter the Island only if they have a confirmed stay.


Roadtrip to Maravanthe, Karnataka

Applauded as one of the stunning beaches in Karnataka, Maravanthe is a rare, unexplored place in South India where you will find the beach on one side of the road and river on the other side. Enjoy the sunset with such spectacular scenery in the backdrop as you bid adieu to the passing year. A road trip with your close friends is how you can celebrate your new year. This bucolic beach has a beautiful small temple and is a favourite stopover on NH-66.


Party Into The Wild

Why not just go for a trek this new year? You have had a party like a wild, now it is time to experience the actual wilderness. Just you and nature, a perfect celebration amidst the mountains. And if you think there are no treks in winters, then find yourself corrected. You can choose from any of these winter treks in India depending upon your strength and endurance. One of the best experiences of life! Take it from me.


Wanderlust in Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

If chilling and laying back is all you want to do this new year, Tirthan Valley is the place for you. Hidden in the Himalayas, it is one of the few unexplored places in north India. Famous for trout fishing and adventure sports, Tirthan Valley has a lot more to offer than you think. Here, you can explore the elements of nature all punched into a lovely combination. And, who has ever complained of getting lost in the woods?
Picture by Ashok Kr Tyagi

Climb up the new year at Savandurga, Karnataka

If you didn’t know, Savandurga is one of the largest monolith hills in Asia. Trekking to this place is how you should start your new year. Located 60 km from Bangalore, it is a great escape for the people of the IT city. Pitch a tent in jungle, make a bonfire and camp with your friend as you dance and sing in merry. Go for trekking and rock climbing next morning. This place is ideal for adventure junkies and thrill-seekers. Coming year, begin by getting high on adrenaline!


Escape to Shoja, Himachal Pradesh

Pristine, untouched, and pure, Shoja is Himachal Pradesh is a fairyland and hence why it should be your destination to celebrate the new year. Beginning your year in the mountains is said to bring good luck. No doubt in that! The undulating slopes and its green shade are all so calm and peaceful. This place is a haven for photographers because of its scenic beauty and the captivating landscapes it has to offer. The weather is pleasant throughout the year.

chandan-bislaPicture by Chandan Bhatia

If you are tired of travelling to famous destinations, this here is your unexplored lot for a perfect, serene, and secluded New Year’s. Pack your bags and drift away to these offbeat places in India. Welcome the year full of things and places that you have never tried!