Domestic Flights: Get Full Refunds with ixigo Assured!

Do you ever find yourself getting that sudden urge to plan your trip? You’ve decided on a place, coincidentally, your leaves are falling into order on the required dates, your friends have agreed too, and now you just need to book the flights to seal the deal….

And then comes the speed breaker: what if the plan gets cancelled later? I can’t book flights in advance and bear the heavy cancellation charges later 🙁

Well, we can solve this dilemma in just two words: ixigo assured!

Free cancellation on domestic flights

Set yourself free from cancellation charges with ixigo assured. This feature gives you a full refund on all domestic flight bookings.

Key benefits include:

  • Unlimited refund hai. No capping.
  • ZERO documentation required for a refund
  • Free vouchers worth Rs.2500 from awesome brands such as OLA, gaana, and more (no minimum booking amount!)
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We’ll explain with an example. Suppose your flight booking was of Rs.10,000 and you have to cancel your trip, and the airline is refunding only Rs.5000. If you’ve opted for ixigo assured, the remaining Rs.5000 will be refunded by us!

Who should use ixigo assured?

In our opinion, everyone, really! Unless losing money on cancellation charges makes you happy (we’re judging you). No really, ixigo assured is GREAT for travellers who are unsure of their future travel plans and would like the flexibility to cancel their domestic trips amid COVID-19 concerns.

How do I get a full refund with ixigo assured?

  • Make sure you opt for the ‘free cancellation’ option while booking your tickets on ixigo. 
  • Initiate the booking cancellation request at least 24 hours prior to the departure of your flight.
  • Your refund will be automatically initiated.
  • The amount will be credited back to your account within seven days.

Please note that if the booking is cancelled on the airline website or by the airline, you also need to place a cancellation request on the ixigo app. You do not need to fill any additional forms in this case.

I have not received any documents or certificates to show that my booking is eligible for ‘Free Cancellation’. What should I do?

You do not need any certificates or additional documents for ‘Free Cancellation’ benefits. Your booking ID will be considered as a reference for your refund.

If I cancel the trip myself, will the entire amount be refunded?

Ticket charges and taxes will be covered. However, the convenience free and ixigo charges paid at the time of booking will be non-refundable.

Anything else to keep in mind?

Yes, before you say goodbye to cancellation worries forever, please note:

1. Since the purpose of ixigo assured is to cover your financial loss in case of a voluntary cancellation (initiated by you), it does not cover cases where the airline gives a full refund, or issues a credit shell/free reschedule for the full amount of the ticket.

2. The booking convenience fee and the charges paid to avail ixigo assured are non-refundable in case of booking cancellation.

3. To avail ixigo assured, there will be a nominal charge, above the usual fare.

4. There is no maximum refund, per route if you cancel your booking.

5. It is valid for departure dates within 90 days of the booking date.

6. You are required to cancel your flight ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time to avail the benefits of ixigo assured.

7. The passenger’s age should be a minimum of two years.

8. 18% GST is included.

So, ready for spontaneous plans dear traveller? We wish you an ‘assured’ trip! 🙂