Easy Summer Beverages to Pack for Your Holiday

Travelling soon? With this year’s unbearable heat, packing only water is not enough. Today, we bring to you five refreshing drinks that you can easily prepare and pack with your luggage. All you need are a leak-proof bottle and a few minutes. 

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  1. Buttermilk
  2. Lemonade
  3. Rooh Afza
  4. Lassi
  5. Aam Panna


Known in various parts of India as “chhaas” or “chhaachh”, buttermilk is a summer favourite for all ages. The basic recipe is to whisk curd or to grind it in a mixer and then dilute it, with black salt and mint leaves. But if you want to take things up a notch, you can also add these things to the blender: green chillies, heeng, coriander leaves, roasted cumin, chaat masala and pepper. Buttermilk is as great for digestion as it is for the savoury drink cravings. 


This beverage is popular all across the globe and is unbelievably easy to make! All you need is a lemon, water, ice cubes, sugar and black salt. While some prefer making it in a blender, it can be prepared even without it. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why it’s so beloved! Blending it by hand could be a good arm workout, too. 😀 You can also spice things up (literally) by adding condiments of your choice, like pepper, coriander leaves and mint leaves.

Rooh Afza

Is any summer complete without Rooh Afza? A staple in Indian refrigerators, Rooh Afza’s inception dates back to 1906. That’s mighty impressive! Over the decades, the packaging has changed but the taste is (thankfully) the same. All you need to concoct this drink is pour a spoonful of the syrup in a glass of water and add ice cubes. Easy peasy, right! Also, if you’re hungry, you can also use milk instead of water and gulp it down. 


The sweet sibling of Buttermilk, Lassi is another beloved beverage of the summer season. Contrary to popular perceptions, you need not head to a dhaba to enjoy it, and can easily make it at home. Add these things to a blender: thick (and possibly hung) curd, sugar, milk, cardamom powder and a dash of rose water. Blend it all and serve! Lassi is quite filling and can be upgraded by adding toppings like malai, ice cream and diced mango. Is your mouth watering already? 

Aam Panna

This one takes a bit longer than the other drinks but it’s totally worth the time. Take some raw mangoes, peel them, dice them and put the slices into boiling water. Once the mango turns soft, cool down the mixture. Add the soft and cool mangoes along with some pepper, sugar, soaked fennel seeds (saunf) and black salt into a blender. Make a smooth and uniform puree. If it’s not uniform, you’ll have to sieve the mixture. Once done, add lots of water and ice cubes. Top it with some mint leaves and pack it! 

We hope this makes your upcoming journey a little more refreshing. Happy travels! 😀 

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