Attention Passengers! 5 Things You Should Never Do In A Flight

Flights have become one of the most commonly used modes of transport these days. Though we take flights every now and then, very few of us know the basic etiquettes we need to follow. 

To keep a journey smooth and relaxed for you and your fellow passengers, we have a list of things that you should on a plane. Read on…

Do NOT Get Drunk (not even tipsy)

Okay, so it’s advised that you keep your holiday spirit on hold and exercise self-control in the alcohol department till you arrive at the desired destination.

Do NOT Disturb others! Use Headphones

Watching a movie or listening to songs onboard? Don’t make it a nightmare for your fellow passengers. Use earplugs or headphones and let them enjoy their journey peacefully. 

If you are the one suffering, then make your fellow passenger watch this video —

Do NOT misuse the Flight Attendant Call Button

We agree that the flight attendant call button is for your convenience, but it shouldn’t be misused. Use it only when required. 

Do NOT Recline Your Seat During Mealtimes

Once the food and drinks are served, be courteous and keep your  seat upright. This will help the person sitting behind you eat their meals with ease.

Do NOT Eat highly aromatic food items

Please let your fellow passengers breathe — don’t show up for your flight with food that is highly aromatic. Also, avoid eating muli ke parathe before the flight journey. 😉

We hope this list will help you during your journey and if you have been doing any of these things, let’s skip it next time! Happy Flying!