Surrender to Sleep! 4 Tips to help you sleep on an Airplane

Whether for a short-hop or a long-haul, an airplane journey can be the perfect excuse to catch a nap before landing to a hectic day ahead. Sleeping on a plane means many different things, most important of which is that you avoid the nervousness of turbulence if any. If you are sleeping, then you are also blissfully unaware of snoring passengers, crying children, and all other usual annoyances. To top it off, you arrive at your destination all fresh and ready to take on the world.


Here are a few things you can do to sleep all the way to your destination –

Opt for the Window Seat

Why? Because then, you can enjoy a good sleep without being interrupted by fellow passengers who want to use the lavatory. Also, on a window seat, you can lean against a wall and keep your elbows far from rolling beverage carts or other passengers strolling by.

Comfortable Clothes and Sleeping Gears

Number one on your list should be wearing comfortable clothes, for example, sweatpants, hoodies or pajamas. Carry your own travel pillow, sleeping mask, and noise-canceling headphones. Also, tuck yourself in a blanket and remember to buckle your seat belt above the blanket, so you are not constantly hassled about wearing it by the air hostesses.

Shut Off the Entertainment Set

It is difficult to achieve any sleep if a movie or any infomercial is playing in front of you. So, before you snooze off, remember to switch off the entertainment set and lean on the side of the window, so even if your fellow passenger’s set is on, it doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

Stay Hydrated

Factually speaking, flying makes you dehydrated. Therefore, you must keep chugging small cups of water to outpace the dry cabin air. Also, it is best to avoid alcohol, certainly large amount of it. If possible, avoid any sort of medication, as they can trigger some side-effects in the contained environment of a plane.

Most importantly, stay calm and keep bad thoughts away to enjoy a jitter-free sleep on your next flight.