Gather round, Millennials! We Know Where You’re Travelling To!

You’d be dead wrong if you thought millennials preferred investing in luxury. You say, how? Well, recent studies revealed that millennials are following trends that bestow them with experiences and not splendour.

And you will be surprised to know the travel buzzword of 2018; it is MUSIC tourism! Yes, this strange and unfamiliar term (until only a few years ago) is now an immense experience that’s just getting more popular.

Topping all travel trends across the globe, music tourism has hooked millennials and for all right reasons. Not limited to just music, these festivals come with an idea to sell an experience that is better and more unconventional.

Music festivals or tourism not only give a platform to independent artists for exhibiting their talents but also aids in bringing tourists to new destinations which in turn boosts local employment.

In 2018, millennials are rushing towards exploring uncommon destinations and festivals that muse on the culture, legacy and spirit of the local region.

Some of the most popular music festivals in India are NH7 weekender, Hornbill International Music Festival, Ziro Festival of Music, Ragasthan and more.