Enjoy Europe in November with 5 Offseason Advantages

Europe is a continent of dynamic diversity, dreamy locales, delicious cuisines and a divine heritage. While Europe is always abuzz with activity, it is most enjoyable with fewer tourists around.

November is a fascinating time to visit, as it is the start of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” season. Also, Spain hosts its annual jazz festival in Madrid, Barcelona, and Granada. The Italian opera season starts in November, too.  In France, the new Beaujolais wine is opened and tasted around the country on the third Thursday of the month. Germany hosts open-air fun fairs, Berlin Jazz Festival and Berlin Music Days. November is also the best time to view the northern lights in countries like Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.



Here are the few advantages of visiting Europe’s marvels in the month of November –

Cheap Costs – Not only are the airfares cheaper, the hotels are cheaper as well. Rental cars would cost the same but rail passes would be cheaper with off-season promotions and discounts.

Fewer Tourists – Explore your favoured destinations without facing the frenzy of the crowds. Spend more time exploring, shopping and indulging yourself in the pristine pleasures of Europe.


Cultural Events – As the weather gets cooler, the venues for professional art performances open up, and that’s a real treat in the major cities of Europe, especially Vienna, Prague, and Berlin.

Lights and more Lights – The slanting light of winter and the pensive skies make for a stunning landscape, but it is also pre-Christmas time, which means the cities, towns and even little European villages begin to be decked up with twinkling lights and other decorations. It is, surely, a magical sight to behold.

Warm Winter Cuisines – In Europe, there is summer food and then, there is winter food. Long-cooked stews and root vegetables are favourite winter staples to be eaten by the side of a crackling fireplace. It is also the season for hot chocolates, mulled wine and warm puddings. If you like truffles, the winter white truffle is the best Europe has to offer, and they come up in November. Most truffle fairs and festivals are also held in this month, making this the best time to visit.


Have you charted out your plans yet?