Tring Tring! Top 5 Cycling Places In India

When in doubt, pedal it out…

When was the last time you went for a ride with the wind in your hair and a big smile on your face? Is it bringing back all the childhood memories? If yes, then it’s time to relive those days! So, here is a list of 5 places in India that are perfect for a crazy cycling holiday!

Oh! And the best part, fuel money = Zero 😀


pondicherryThe tiny coastal city is a piece of paradise that is blessed with sparkling untouched beaches, spectacular terrains and is a perfect place for a cycling vacation.


coonoorImagine cycling your way through lush green tea estates, beautiful blue sky, chilly breeze and cotton candy clouds. Heavenly, na? Well, a cycling holiday in Coonoor is all about this and much more.


kochiAs the sun starts to rise up and shine, grab your bike and start on a beautiful journey exploring the aromatic field of spices, hundreds of coconut trees and soothing beauty of the backwaters. Kochi is where you should be on your next trip!


jaipurNot a beach or a mountain person? Don’t worry! Take a trip to Jaipur! A great city which has the most uncommon terrain in the country. You can easily explore the grand palaces, forts and also gorge on some really delicious Rajasthani cuisine by simply cycling!

Now with Mobycy, you can cover a number of  amazing places in Jaipur at a very cheap price. Just pick up a bicycle by scanning QR through the app, and book yourself a joyful ride.


goaThe last on this list is India’s party capital where one can chill and unwind all-year round. From parasailing, sunbathing to cycling through the gorgeous terrains, Goa can never disappoint anyone.

So, ditch those car rides and grab a cycle to make your next vacation a memorable and healthy one. Till we meet again, happy travels!