Essential Etiquettes! What not to do on an Airplane!

The secret of traversing through multiple terminals and time zones, airplanes and airport lines without breaking into chaos is that unspoken social code that almost everyone adheres to. There are, of course, some who defy the norms and create some sort of commotion that disrupts the calm. You’ll always find the nail-clippers, heavy snorers, yellers, rule breakers and other chaos-creators all around you in an airplane.


Here are a few basic etiquettes that one must follow –

Do not recline in Economy

Yes, reclining does give you that extra dollop of comfort, but it is nothing compared to the chain reaction of pain you set off behind you, in which every other passenger behind you becomes the subject to or discomforts the person behind them by reclining their own seat to gain a little room. Always be aware and sit at a 110-degree angle if you are suffering from back problems. If you need to recline, ask the person sitting behind you if it’s okay and if yes, how much.


Do not HALF stand up when someone needs to get out of the row

Don’t force your fellow passengers to awkwardly crawl their way past your legs, trying as hard as possible not to touch you, or worse, fall over you. Stand up like a courteous person and step out into the aisle to let them pass through.

Do not bring outside hot food

You may carry chips, chocolates, soda, even maybe a burger, but remember to avoid hot food, especially if you bought it from a fast-food joint. This stuff usually has a highly identifiable smell and there’s nothing more unpleasant than the trapped odours of grease and meat on an airplane. Think of your fellow passengers!


Do not stick your bare feet out in the aisle

There are many, many people in this world who have unnaturally strong feelings about feet. So if you do remove your shoes to get more comfortable, keep them out of sight of others, or use a blanket to cover them. And definitely don’t fall asleep with your feet stretched out in the aisle, even if your socks are on.

Do not panic during turbulence

During turbulence or even little bumps, do not freak out. Remember that it is only dangerous to you, personally, and you may freak out the other person by being unnecessarily panicky. So, if the going gets wild, listen to the pilot and put on your seatbelt and pray, if you must, to keep yourself calm.


Which habit of your co-passengers annoys you the most?