Explore Malaysia’s Cultural Hub- Travel Guide to Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s beguiling capital city, Kuala Lumpur (KL) is loaded with gorgeous steel-clad skyscrapers, historical monuments, buzzing street markets, colossal shopping malls and high-spirited nightlife. Its amped-up urban pace set against a splendid backdrop enthrals visitors with diversity and a multicultural charm. This self-sufficient city cherishes its modern present while still honouring its Southeast Asian heritage. Experience the city’s colonial past at the old quarters that feature a stretch of shophouses and to get a glimpse of its modern ambitions, head to the iconic Petronas Towers.


Mingling all the cultures together, Kuala Lumpur’s Malay, Chinese and Indian communities are the part of the dynamic mix with aroma-festooned, colourfully embellished mosques and temples. With a myriad of attractions, a delightful shopping experience, and an authentic food treat, look no further than Kuala Lumpur. Follow our exclusive guide for best tips to make the most of your journey.


Kaleidoscopic Beauty: Must-Visit Places

Petronas Towers: Addressed as the Twin Jewels of Kuala Lumpur, the iconic Petronas Twin Towers anchor the lounging city centre. These doppelganger structures are 88-storey chrome and steel towers which are joined by a 58m long, double-decker Sky Bridge at the 41st and 42nd floors (175m above ground level). Visit to KL is not complete until you have witnessed this magnificent creation.

Batu Caves: A 400 million-year-old limestone hill with a 100-year old temple within, Batu Caves is considered an essential religious landmark by Hindus. Other than being a popular Hindu temple, it is also famous as a rock climbing site in South East Asia.


Menara KL Tower: The 421m-high KL Tower stands atop the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve and is presently world’s fifth tallest structure. It is an important architectural marvel of Malaysia and possesses breathtaking views of the city. You can visit the viewing deck which is around 100 metres higher than Petronas Towers Skybridge.

Chinatown: One of the most popular and must-visit places in Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown is intensely soaked in history, Oriental culture and heritage. This bustling area has everything under the sun from Chinese herbs to imitation goods.


Indulge to Enjoy: Must-do Things

Have fun at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park: Get into the groove and experience water slides that whirl and twirl. Enjoy the manmade river ride, 360-degree revolving pirate ship and the wave pool at the 323,749sqm Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Make some new feathered friends at KL Bird Park: Home to over 3000 birds, this bird park spans over 20 acres and promotes local species to visitors. Learn about local flora and fauna and indulge in bird watching at this beautiful place.


Bask in the culture at the National Museum: An architectural wonder, the National Museum is constructed in the shape of a traditional house that is decorated with a mix of modern and traditional designs. Visit this place to get an insight into Malaysia’s rich culture.

Scour the depths at Aquaria KLCC: Spanning over 60,000 square feet, Aquaria KLCC is not just an aquarium. It is termed as an ‘oceanarium’ and allows visitors to witness and explore the depths of the ocean with water on three sides.


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Shopaholic’s Paradise: Places to Shop At

Central Market: A former wet market, the Central Market in KL was constructed in 1888. Since its origin, it has been redesigned and expanded to the present day art deco shopping centre. It is a perfect place for shoppers to indulge in high quality, low priced shopping.  


Flea Market at Amcorp Mall: Most of the items sold here are second-hand goods along with pre-owned unused items. You can pick up stuff like shoes, bags, clothing, accessories, artworks, coins, stamps and much more.

Berjaya Times Square: This twin tower structure is home to a hotel, business offices, condominiums and a shopping centre. Berjaya Times Square is KL’s most popular mall and has a monthly footfall of 2.5 million visitors.


Sungei Wang Plaza: This place might not attract you from the outside, but it is filled with surprises inside. From cheap price fashion clothes to high-quality souvenirs, this wallet-friendly mall has it all.

Savour the Specialities: Top Foods to Taste

Nasi Lemak (Fatty Rice): Earning the label of Malaysia’s National Dish, Nasi Lemak should be on top of your must-try list. The fluffy, soft rice is cooked in creamy coconut milk and is served with savoury meat, crunchy peanuts, dried fish and cucumber bits.


Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish): If you a meat-eater, then this one should definitely be on your list. Simple yet utterly delicious, this dish is infused with spices and grilled to a crispy skin with soft flesh inside.

Satay (Grilled Skewered Meat): Treat yourself to awesomeness with this skewered speciality served with a spicy and sweet peanut sauce.


Roti Canai (Flatbread): A simple yet delectable food item of KL, this flatbread is made from flour, sugar, eggs, condensed milk and margarine. This versatile preparation can be eaten as a snack, a meal or even as a desert.

Why So Sleepy? Places to Enjoy the Nightlife

SkyBar Kuala Lumpur: Setting its glory on top of the Traders Hotel, SkyBar is a perfect escape to experience ultimate relaxation. This place is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Marini’s on 57: Pacify your senses and feel on top of the world at Marini’s Bar. If you want to indulge in an Italian dining experience or just wish to relish a drink with an incredible view, this place is just the perfect spot.

Heli Lounge Bar: Get ready to indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience at the Heli Lounge Bar with its amazing aviation style decor. The bar features one of the only 5 helipads in the city and this place definitely deserves your visit.

Zouk Club: One of the most iconic nightlife spots in KL, this 4-in-1 club will let you enjoy various music moods like EDM, 70s hits, party numbers and more. It is the perfect spot if you are looking for an amazing night out.


Mark your Calendar: Best Time to Visit

Kuala Lumpur with its maritime climate is suitable for a vacation all year round. The weather conditions are usually hot and humid but get cooler with rain. Temperatures may vary from 21 degree Celsius to 33 degree Celsius.

With this essential guide to KL, go ahead and book your flights to explore this eclectic and incredible hub of culture and class.