Get Soaked in the Tricolour! 6 Must Do Things This Republic Day!

The two special days; 15th August and 26th January fill us with a feeling of patriotism and love for our country. As this year marks the 75th Republic Day of India, here are a few exciting things we must include in our itinerary to celebrate this day:

Visit India Gate to pay tribute to our soldiers

Drive to India Gate, the architectural marvel that stands erect to pay homage to 70,000 war soldiers whose names are engraved on the monument.


Experience the flag-hoisting ceremony

Visit your nearest government or public building and experience the feeling of flag hoisting.


Crazy Dance at Wagah Border, Attari

Do the patriotic jig at Wagah Border on the tunes of a patriotic song. Shout out the patriotic slogans on top of your voice to show love for your motherland.


Watch the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi

Wake early and visit Rajpath to witness the parade, which is followed by 21-gun salute. Pay tribute to the people who laid down their lives to give us a free nation.


Soar your kite high

Spreading colours across the sky, Republic Day witnesses several vibrant kites spreading joy and peace. People have kept alive the years-old tradition to mark the importance of this day.


Take a resolution to help in the development of the country

Imagine if every citizen takes one resolution to help in the development of the country, what a beautiful nation we can build.

Happy Republic Day, Folks!