Girls on the go.

“Lone Voyagers” – that’s the new term in vogue for the women bitten by the travel bug.


Like a butterfly that’s just got to know that it can spread wings and fly, women are travelling like never before. Solo trips by women are now not unheard of. Throwing caution to the wind (and rightly so), women have suddenly turned travelling into exploring, adventurous sojourns, cultural expeditions, volunteering experiences, luxurious escapades and more.


As they say, every woman is on a different trip, here’s some help from ixigo’s list –


1) For the girls in love with nature.


A mirage like stretch in the Western Himalayas, Valley of Flowers is for the lovers of nature, solitude and tranquillity. Enchanting woods, and acres of flowers than dance in the wind, here’s paradise regained.




2) For the one with their backpacks packed.


A little touched fantasy land for backpackers, Chandrataal is for the seekers of roads less taken. Once the roads to it open in May, it’s visited by scores of women, who enjoy the high that this place brings. “Freedom” is just another word for the place.



3) For the lady who’s on a culture high, forever.


For the culture enthusiasts, there’s nothing like the folklore of Jodhpur. The art, music, history, culture, dances, there’s something to satiate your thirst of knowledge.


Shreyans Bhansali

4) For the master chef who’s more of a taster.


Well, whoever said that the way to a guy’s heart goes through his plate needs to rethink. For girls are clearly in love with food. Thinking of it, Mumbai’s streets have some of the most droolworthy food for thought. And, of course, your plates.


Ranjitha Deepesh @ Taste & Flavours


5) For the lady who dreams with her eyes open.


A land of dreams that have turned true, Meghalaya is a great love of women travellers (needless to say, all women are dreamers). It’s a picture perfect copy of Jack Kerouac’s, On the Road.




6) For the seekers of wild.


If you know what that spider is named in those bulky books of zoology or insectology (if it’s a branch of study at all), Sunderbans is just for you. Call it a mangrove or a National Park, you are sure to have a ball out here.




7) For the queen in you.


Kerala is much more than just spas for the believers of luxury travel. How about owning a houseboat at Alleppey? Does that sounds like a perfect girls getaway?


Christian Haugen


7) For the ones who read stars.


For the woman that believes in the existence of some supreme power, there’s the whole of Gujarat, especially Dwarka. Solo or group, it’s the journey of a lifetime.




8) For the one who carries her gym around.


Rishikesh will not let you lose those curves, that you so feared for while gorging over that vada in Mumbai. The Yoga Capital of the World, it’s your first introduction to the Himalayas.


Andrew Kalat

While there’s been a never-ending debate on supposedly safe places for women, a true travellers is quite off such circles. Some bits of common sense (like not entering a desolated, dark parking lot) and trusting your intuition are the best travel tips.


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