Goodbye To Goodnight! Places On Earth Where The Sun Never Sets

There are times when you don’t want the day to end. Surprisingly, there are few lucky people on earth that can actually have this experience. Yes, it is true! There are places around the world where the sun never sets. Imagine being at a place where you are clueless about when to sleep or when to wake up. Goosebump Alert! Read on..


Known as the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’, Norway is situated in the Arctic Circle. For about 76 days starting from May to late July, this place witnesses no sunset. The dazzling sunlight envelopes the whole region for around 20 hours each day.



Iceland is a breathtaking destination for tourists, most popular for its gorgeous waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and geysers. Iceland receives sunlight from May 10 through July where the sun never goes down the horizon.



Starting from late May to late July, the sun does not set in the country of Alaska. Plan for hiking or sightseeing in Alaska with its picturesque glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Imagine encountering a view of these twinkling snow mountains at 2 am in the morning. WOW!



Sweden lets you experience a midnight sun at its stunning capital city of Stockholm. Here, the sun sets around midnight and rises back at around 4.30am in the morning.

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Known as the land of thousand lakes and islands, major parts of Finland encounter the sun for 73 days during summers. You can enjoy a stay at glass igloos or go skiing or see the northern lights while you are here.



World’s second largest country, Canada is home to various cities that are covered with snow all throughout the year. Inuvik and the Northwest territories are some places that receive sunshine for around 50 days in summer months.


With this mind-boggling list of places where the sun never sets, make sure you plan a vacation around a time when you can experience this magical occurrence.