Here’s Why You Must Update The App!

Happiness is a pleasant surprise!

And guess what ixigo has in store for you?

All details below, but FIRST…


Done? Great!

After Snapdeal, it’s ixigo that has tied-up with Uber and RedBus to provide it’s customers with a seamless travel experience, and that too through the trains app itself.

This also means that users won’t have to install RedBus or Uber Apps on their smartphones. That’s what we call a smart move!

The best part is…

The ixigo trains app:

  • Suggests you an Uber ride sometime before your train journey (provided that city has an Uber available) as soon as you reach your destination
  • Suggest you bus tickets on the route automatically for which your train tickets have not been confirmed

If you are looking for an alternative for the train, trust us, this is a must-have app! Also, if you prefer a bus or a cab, you’ll get the privilege of being more flexible as far as your travel plans are concerned.

That’s Not All…

Special promotions are also being extended by the companies to first times Uber and RedBus users. Who wouldn’t want to avail the opportunity?

Minimum waste of time and money and you are sorted!

We would again say…


Happy Travels! 🙂