Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to a Peaceful Getaway to Nepal

Home to beautiful sceneries, mountains, forests, and friendly locals, Nepal is calling you for a peaceful retreat, and you must go. 

Landlocked between India and Tibet, Nepal is often referred to as the “roof of the world”. It harbours the two highest summits in the world – Mount Everest and K2. From the bustling yet charming capital city of Kathmandu to the peaceful birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal has something to offer to every traveller. It is especially a beautiful place to be at the onset of summer.

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Things to Do In Nepal

Trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Nepal as you trek to the iconic Mt. Everest Base Camp. It will be a journey filled with thrill, adventure, and challenges. It is a 10-day trek wherein you will travel through lush greens, ever-flowing rivers, dense forests, and more. Do take your camera along so you can capture every inch of this beauty. 

Take a Wildlife Safari at Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park has been a World Heritage Site since 1984 and is home to several exotic wildlife species. You can spot one-horned rhinoceros, tigers, jungle cats, and many different species of birds, butterflies, and mammals here. If you love nature and wildlife, this safari is unmissable for you. 

things to do in NepalGo Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Take a day to roam around the streets of Kathmandu. Visit the medieval temples, monuments, and monasteries to discover the beauty of the city. The Pashupatinath Temple, Dakshin Kali Temple, Kopan Monastery, and Boudhanath Stupa are the major attractions here. You can also browse the local markets to shop for souvenirs and gifts. 

Gorge on Delicious Nepalese Food

When in Nepal, you must try the local delicacies. There are hundreds of ethnic groups in the country that have traditional dishes of their own. This is why you are in for a treat! Dal Bhat is the staple dish of the natives. Other than that, you will fall in love with the Momos, Sel Roti, Gorkhali Lamb, and Thukpa here.

Things to do in Nepal
Go for Rafting at Bhotekoshi and Seti River

Nepal is the best place for White Water Rafting and Kayaking. Rafting in Bhotekoshi & Seti River is every adventure enthusiast’s dream. The ups and downs with the rapids and swirls of the rivers make this 90-minute adventure even more thrilling and fun. 

Indulge in Adventure Activities in Pokhara

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you cannot miss Pokhara on your trip to Nepal. This lakeside town offers a plethora of adventure activities, including paragliding, mountain biking, zip flying, skydiving, and camping. Do not forget to enjoy the stunning views of the town while you are at it!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now. Happy travelling! 😀