10 Indian websites to help you find oxygen, beds and other COVID resources

As the demand for lifesaving supplies continues to soar, many companies, individuals and community organisations have stepped in to create COVID resource tracking websites. These online tools either collect data on relief resources using volunteers, or scan Twitter to display tweets that match one’s search criteria. 

In this post, we’ve highlighted ten such websites that are helping people find oxygen, hospital beds, medication, plasma, ICU beds, ventilator facilities, and more in Indian cities. 

Important tips for using these websites

  • Please do not pay in advance for any resource you find. Only send a token amount (if required), and pay the rest after collection/delivery is complete. You can ask for a supplier’s PAN/GST details before sending the token amount as well.
  • If you find a promising lead, do call and verify their information yourself. If they don’t pick up your call at first, make sure to leave a WhatsApp message or SMS. If you find their supplies are over, ask and make a note of any restocking details.
  • When using Twitter to find help, sort results by ‘Latest’ to find the most recent updates. Remember to also check for replies under tweets. This could give you new leads, or tell you if a resource is no longer available/will return soon. 

Please Note: All the sources mentioned below are independently updated and verified by their respective website owners. While we are trying our best to only list websites that are genuine and active, ixigo cannot vouch for the authenticity of every lead on these portals. We advise our readers to exercise necessary caution.

Resources verified by volunteers

1. COVID Win 

Link: covidwin.in

Run by Yuva Halla Bol, this site shares verified leads to find oxygen, hospital beds, medicines, plasma/blood, food, ambulance services, testing, emergency services and consultation options. Users can select their state and city/district to narrow their search. Results can be sorted according to the time of verification, and whether people upvoted/downvoted their helpfulness. 

2. LIFE | Coronasafe Network

Link: life.coronasafe.network

This is a verified crowdsourced directory where users can enter their city or district to find helpline numbers, oxygen, medicines, hospitals, and ambulances. A ‘Live Twitter Results’ section has also been added to supply more information. 

3. India COVID Resources

Link: indiacovidresources.in

Over 200 volunteers run this website to provide leads on available resources. Top cities with the most leads are marked on top, and the site shares verified info on oxygen, plasma, hospital beds, medication, etc. Contact details and a verification timestamp is displayed for each lead. 

4. COVID Help

Link: covid19-help-india.netlify.app

This database has several resource categories you can use to find verified leads. You can filter by city, and see a lead’s quantity, contact information and verification details. Oxygen, medication, plasma, and hospital beds (oxygen/non-oxygen/ICU) have the most leads on this site. Data can also be added or requested using forms. 

5. COVID Fight Club

Link: covidfightclub.org

Search by city, requirement or provider to find resources on this website. Their leads are taken from social media and verified by volunteers. You can also request for help or add a supplier’s contact details. Apart from finding beds, plasma, oxygen and ambulances, users can also get information on oximeters, thermometers, home nurses, doctors and food for patients. 

6. CovRelief 

Link: covidrelief.glideapp.io

CovRelief tracks vacant beds using data from government websites. Along with this, users can also request for plasma, find oxygen supplies, check state COVID helplines, find food providers, and more. Created by IIT Delhi alumni, you can also submit requests for help on two dedicated Twitter and Facebook links. 

Resources organised from Twitter

7. Sprinklr

Link: external.sprinklr.com/insights/explorer/dashboard

Sprinklr collects real-time information on remdesivir/tocilizumab, oxygen cylinders, plasma, Fabiflu/favipiravir, ICU/ventilator and hospital beds from Twitter. Its tweet dashboard is automatically updated and users can sort the results according to their city. 

8. Twitter Search for COVID

Link: covid19-twitter.in

This link allows you to directly search for resources on Twitter by setting several parameters. A custom link is generated based on your requirements, which leads you to any matching tweets. The site also lists credible organizations you can donate to who are working on the ground to help patients. 

9. COVID Tools

Link: covidtools.in

This website lets you select your requirements and city to display Twitter results. There’s also an FAQ section, a community chat feature for finding help, and an option to upload your own verified leads. 

10. COVID Army

Link: covid.army

Updated every few hours, the Covid Army site collects tweets based on your location and search criteria. You can find medication, oxygen, plasma, hospital beds, ventilators, ICU beds, and food using its search tool. 

We advise our users to call their respective state COVID helplines for any emergency information. Stay safe, and remember to share this article with anyone who might need help!